Your Kids Don’t Love Your New Puppy? Here’s How You Can Change Their Minds

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As much as cute pictures of children with puppies have saturated the internet and reduced everyone to human mush with all the ‘Aww’ ing and tearing up, all isn’t always as it seems. Enough of the time, children don’t always get along with animals and vice versa.

There’s something about the way they look, smell, or walk that could incite fear on your vulnerable child/young puppy. Although it’s normal for your child to be afraid of your puppy, it doesn’t have to remain that way forever and this piece is highlighting how you can get your kids to adore your puppy.

Children are usually trusting but they’re equally ignorant of how pets should be treated. The chances are that if your kids don’t currently get along with your puppy, it’s because your puppy may have reacted to one or two actions instilled by the child. However, this isn’t for all cases as something as harmless as a face lick by a puppy on a child could cripple them with fear. Regardless of the ‘whys’ of the situation, the first step to getting both parties to get along is through a proper introduction and here’s how you can achieve that.

Exercise your puppy

Puppies have a lot of expendable energies that need to be exerted especially before introducing them to a child. Exercising your puppy will defuse this nervous energy and leave your puppy in a calm and submissive state. This is the state you want your puppy in when it’s meeting your child. When your child sees that your new puppy is calm and friendly, he/she will realize there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The puppy should go to your child, not vice versa.

Being ignorant of how to treat a pet, your child may likely rush to your puppy and thus may scare him and trigger a response which could be a bark or a growl, thus setting off the child. This process shouldn’t be forced. Explain to your child why they need to be calm when your puppy approaches and once your puppy feels safe enough it’ll make its way to your child. This could take a while but your puppy must go to your child on its own.

Teach your child

Once your puppy makes its way to your child, the next step would be to teach your child how to touch your puppy. This is to prevent gestures that could make your dog snap at your child. Puppies prefer being touched under their chin or on the side of their face. Also, educate your child to never creep up or touch your puppy when it’s sleeping or eating. 

Once you’ve successfully introduced your child to your new puppy, it’s only a matter of time before they become BFF’s and take all those adorable pictures that are blowing up the internet. Looking for adorable and child-friendly pups for your family? PremierPups has a lot of healthy puppies seeking love in new homes. 

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