Why Your New Puppy Needs All Your Attention?

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It is important to remember that while you have gained a new furry additionto your family, your puppy has lost his mother and everything he was born to see and is being exposed to a new and somewhat scary new living arrangement. This new world is unfamiliar to him and once they begin to mark you as their constant, it’s no surprise why they’ll want all your attention. This is why you’ve been hearing those wails and soft barks in the middle of the night. However, rather than shut your new friend out because of their needy behavior, try to understand why they need you in the first place. Remember, this is a crucial developmental stage for them and anything could influence their adulthood outcome.

First off, it’s important to note that puppies sleep an average of 16 hours a day. Therefore, for the few hours they are awake, they only need food, affection, and attention before they’re back in their 16-hour hibernation.

  • They have separation anxiety

Multiple cases of stress and anxiety have been reported in puppies as they are being separated from their owners. This is normal and it makes them get excited once they get to see you. However, because of this anxiety problem, many owners feel they have to stay home with their puppy at all times but sadly this will only heighten the problem. Your puppy is young and yes they will miss you or even act up when you’re not around but they will get used to the routine and eventually adjust accordingly. However, for worried dog parents, you can decide to go home on your lunch break and just take your puppy out for a 15minute training session. This will keep them calm a bit as opposed to not seeing you the whole day.

  • They’re too young

Let’s face it, your puppy is too small, too young and will require all of your attention. Some people go as far as comparing puppies to newborn babies, however even as the attention requirement between the two is unmatched, they’re both similar in some aspects. Your new puppy is surrounded by items he/she isn’t conversant with, so to give yourself a break, your puppy will need early socialization. Take him to the park, the grocery store, or anywhere they are people and items so he’ll see that it’s okay. You’ll also need to get him some toys which he can play with even when you’re in the house. This will keep him distracted and not bother you so much.

  • They’re not yet trained

Once you begin training your puppy, they begin to pick up skills and traits which will help them as they mature. Untrained puppies will hog all your attention while the trained ones will know their limits based on what you’ve taught them. So, to prevent your puppy from growing up to still be clingy, train him early.

Your furry new addition may wear you out with how much they want to play or just be in your company, this is normal and also initial. However, to prevent this trait from becoming a part of their adulthood character, early training and socialization are key.

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