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Why Your New Puppy Needs All Your Attention?

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Once in a while, you may find your new pooch nudging, whining, and jumping at you the moment you open the door or even make some excessively and unexplainable barking. All these are indications that your little buddy wants more than the food on its plate or the fancy toys around it.

It is normal for your puppy to crave for your company the whole day and this happens for several reasons that you will be finding out in the next couple of minutes.

So, when you find your puppy expressing any of these behaviors, here are the possible causes…

For working owners that often leave their pooches alone for some hours, the dogs feel lonely and get bored, and they usually respond by excessive whimpering or barking. This makes them get clingy on their owners the moment they are back home for fear of being left alone again.

This usually happens when a dog is getting into a new home, they often feel a little fearful and will crave for solace under the arms and in the company of their owner. So, during the first few days of having your new buddy, you will find him/her following you everywhere you go.

Dogs are naturally affectionate to their family members and they express this loyalty in many ways like excitedly jumping at you, nudging around you and more. What you should do when they come up like this is to reward them with a rub through their fur, a treat, or a cuddle. But if it is a behavior you are not comfortable with you can get them to stop by clapping loud in disapproval whenever they act it, that way they may stop and express their yearnings some other way.

Every dog is naturally given to activities; exercises are also important to their mental health. When they feel they are not having enough exercise, they will steal your stuff and run away with it prompting you to chase them. Now, don’t you love the clever dog in your yard? Additionally, rewarding them for their ingenuity is also fun and they will become more confident and a smart boy you will have in the end.

If your dog is putting up some nice attitude and keeping up with the training earlier received from you, they naturally crave rewards and praises. But when you forget to give them their deserving praise they nudge at you. However, your continual refusal to reward their good behavior may give the impression that what they did was wrong and may lead to a stop of that behavior.

Agreeably, attention-seeking digs can often get you a little exhausting and confusing but what helps is a good understanding of the behavioral pattern of your pet and this article has made it easy by providing the possible reasons to watch out for. Aren’t you thankful?

Never forget to give your buddy his/her deserving attention, that way you will have a happy and intelligent dog.


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