Why the French Bulldog Is Incredibly Popular

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They’re everywhere. Everywhere you turn there’s a French Bulldog at the corner. They’re in malls decked in their little coats and bassinets, at baseball games and let’s not even talk about the park. The popularity of French bulldogs is getting thicker by the second and we want to know why the world is so obsessed with them. sure, they’re cute and less aggressive than the actual bulldog, but that can’t be it right, there has to be something more. Luckily there is and this piece is highlighting just that.  

First off, there’s a good range of actual possibilities and theories that could be attributed to the growing popularity of the breed. Here are a few of them. 

  • Miniature Size 

Let’s face it, people adore small dogs, they absolutely live for them. Its breed or features may not matter as much as their size. This is because small dogs are seen as more of an accessory rather than a pet or companion for most city dwellers. Also, because of their miniature size, they’re the better option because they can be transported easily and is also apartment compatible. Hence, because they are small the cost of feeding and caring for them is greatly reduced, thus making them a more pocket-friendly option. 

  • Easy Grooming 

It’s safe to say that due to their coat texture and miniature size, grooming requirements are minimal for Frenchies. Baths could be limited to special occasions or when he absolutely needs it, expensive grooming is ruled out and brushing could be weekly. Your Frenchie will need his nails clipped twice a month while dental care can be regular. Hence, they are the perfect breed for working adults as their upkeep isn’t as demanding as other breeds.  

  • Health 

The health care of a French Bulldog isn’t also as demanding. Now, apart from preventive health care like vaccinations and deworming medication, your Frenchie may not need weekly vet visits. This is because the French bulldog breed isn’t as susceptible to ear infections as breeds with droopy ears. However, it’s still important to take your Frenchie for checkups to rule out genetic illnesses. Also, when getting a Frenchie, do adopt and not buy. It’s the only way you can ensure you’re taking home a healthy dog. 

  • Macho look 

Pitbulls have been banned in certain communities and the French Bulldog may just be the closest thing to the pitbull. They have similar looks just without the hostility the latter displays. A lot of people source for Frenchies because they’re cute in an ugly way but are equally sweet and affectionate as well. They’re like ice cream but without the calories, better. 

French Bulldogs are having the time of their lives in this century. From celebrities to rock stars and even athletes; basically, every famous person in the world either has a Frenchie or has had one which is no surprise because with the qualities and advantages they have, who wouldn’t want one? However, when getting one, be sure to adopt from registered agencies like PremierPups. 


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