Why New Puppies Are Extra Sensitive

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Just like newborns, puppies can be really sensitive. Their sensitivity transcends physiology, personality, and even temperament. Puppy owners have the sole power of shaping and molding their new puppies however they see fit. They control the future of their new puppies and can choose to train them however they would want. Now, this piece aims at highlighting the abject sensitivity of new puppies just in a bid to create awareness. We’re exploring the whys of the situation.

  • Physical sensitivity

Well, new puppies are physically sensitive because they’re still very young. They are underdeveloped and they could react to certain meals, environments or even routines. When dealing with anything that could affect their physical wellbeing from foods to exercise frequencies and other reservations, it’s imperative to run it by your vet first to avoid emergencies. Puppies are very fragile because they are at their weakest stage. They aren’t mature enough to survive on their own, this is why any wrong choice could be detrimental to their entire wellbeing.

  • Personality

A puppy is like a blank canvass. Whatever you paint on him is what he’ll reflect. Yes, it’s true that a puppy’s breed determines his disposition and personality but if a poodle is trained to be a guard dog, he will definitely display hostility. Hence, the personality of your new puppy is a sensitive subject and it should be dealt with carefully. Puppies are very vulnerable in general and their personality is at the discretion of their owners. In essence, shower your puppy with enough love, care and just the right amount of attention and he’ll thrive in your household.

  • Temperament

Your new puppy has a lot of temperamental tendencies. As a new owner, your job is to isolate these temperaments and nurture the one that works best for you. New puppies are prone to mimic or reflect their owner’s resolve and hence should be trained accordingly. It’s true that some breeds are naturally hostile while others are as cute as a teacup. However, the factor that reigns supreme revolves around how they are bred. Puppies bred in captivity will only be distant, afraid or display aggression while those bred in a loving environment will flourish and not just in their appearance but in their temperament as well.

So, why then are new puppies extra sensitive? Well, for starters it’s because they are new. They are new to any and everything their owner will expose them to. They’re new to the foods, smells, people, treatments and environments they find themselves in. They’re too small to understand you, heck they hardly even know you. Also, they’re extra sensitive because they are young. Just like babies are young, vulnerable and very trusting, so are puppies. They have no idea of what may be harmful to them so it’s the owner’s job to have their puppy’s best interest at heart. So, when dealing with new puppies, patience is always a virtue.

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