Which Puppies Are More Suited For Single People

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Regardless of what social media and sitcoms portray, being single is exhilarating. You don’t need a significant other in your life to have fun, explore, travel or just live. You need a best friend for that, and what better best friend is there than a man’s best friend? Dogs are excellent companions. They are smart, they sense moods and they are very affectionate too.

With over 200 registered dog breeds, some are better suited for single owners than others. This is because as a single person you have certain responsibilities and lifestyles that take up a chunk of your time each day and a puppy breed with separation anxiety or a mouthy potential shouldn’t be your first pick. Hence here are some breeds that are great for the single life.

  1. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is quite a playful and affectionate puppy breed. They are smart and can adapt to apartment living although they’re mostly recognized by their bat-like ears. Frenchies are great choices for single people because they require moderate-level exercise and do not have a mouthy potential. Grooming for the French bulldog is neither tedious nor frequent thus giving owners ample time to attend to their duties. They are loyal, playful and very popular in the US.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

This tiny puppy breed has a large personality and although they pack a ton of energy, they have limited exercise needs. Yorkies are known for their bravery, adaptability, and cuteness. They are well suited to small spaces making them great for apartment living. Grooming is fairly easy with this breed and they aren’t destructive when separated from their owners.

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This sweet-faced puppy breed is very affectionate, friendly and somewhat graceful too. They are smart and easily trained puppy breeds which are great companions for singles. The Cavalier King is very adaptable and friendly too, so much so that they can be left in the company of sitters without a fuss. They are very trusting and require occasional grooming.

  1. Maltese

This breed absolutely loves people. They are loyal to their owners and they require a fair amount of exercise. This puppy breed is better suited for the active singles as they have a lot of energy too. Temperamentally the Maltese is a sweet puppy breed that adapts easily to diverse environments and conditions. However, they are people-oriented which means they may require the company even while the single owner is out. Hence a dog sitter should be considered when getting this breed.

The single life is filled with a lot of fun, self-discovery, care, and building. However, it could get lonely sometimes which is why you need your very own furry companion to brighten up your day and keep you company.

These sweet and adorable puppy breeds are well suited for singles and PremierPups has a fine selection of them awaiting your warm embrace. Together, you and your new puppy will find solace in each other’s company. 

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