Which Puppies Are More Suited For Married People?

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Are you thinking of getting a puppy? Here are some things you should consider first. Puppies come in different breeds as you probably know and while they’re all adorable, some are better suited for specific groups than others. This could be a result of the temperament, grooming requirements or even personalities of these distinct puppy breeds.

Now, as a married person, they’re certain routines and responsibilities you have which are all conditions some puppy breeds cannot thrive with. On the other hand, being a single person, you’re bound to leave your puppy and cater to your diverse responsibilities during the day and some puppy breeds have heavy separation anxiety.

Thus, some breeds are better suited for each group. Hence, this piece is highlighting those puppy breeds which thrive the most with married people.

  1. Goldendoodle: 

This is a designer breed that is most sought after. Being a Golden Retriever and Poodle Mix one can only expect intense levels of cute and this breed satisfies all expectations. Having one of the smartest dog breeds as one of its parents, intelligence is also a noticeable trait of the Goldendoodle. This means they’re equally easy to train and with a ton of energy too. It’s Golden Retriever heritage makes the Goldendoodle incredibly friendly and affectionate as well. They adore children and have little or no traces of separation anxiety.

Thus, married people can go about their normal businesses without worrying about the Goldendoodle trashing up their home. They’re very docile breeds and should you have children, the Goldendoodle will shower them with love and protection. 

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

If you’re looking for something to nurture and shower love to as newlyweds the Yorkshire Terrier should be your first pick. This puppy breed is brave, energetic and boy do they come with a lot of personality. This breed adapts seamlessly to diverse living conditions and although they require minimal energy-expending exercise, they love to gloat in human interaction. For the Yorkie, grooming is relative as they could have either long or short coats. This puppy breed also thrives with children too as how they run with their little legs is amusing to kids. Their docile yet yappy nature makes them a favorite pick for married people. 

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Being named after royalty, one can’t help but expect good tidings from this breed. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is more of an adventurous puppy breed. It’s that dog you take on road trips, hiking, or picnics with your significant other. This is a family-oriented breed and hence, it’ll love all members equally. This puppy breed is very sweet, very cute and they’ll be a great addition to your family.

Just like each shoe has a different fit, each puppy breed satisfies a different purpose and for married couples, these are the breeds that are sure to fit right into your daily schedules, routines, and activities too. Looking for where to get one? PremierPups is your one-stop puppy heaven. 

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