What Special Features Does The Maltese Have

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The Maltese puppy breed is known for its heart-gripping cute looks, soft barks, and adorable fur, but are those the only features that make this purebred special? Definitely not. This breed has a lot of qualities under its fleece and this piece aims at highlighting a few of them.

Even as the breed is homely, playful, sweet and did we mention cute? They don’t seem to be very popular as compared to the poodle or the Cavalier King. Well, just sit back and relax because, with the following special features, you’ll most likely be adopting a Maltese for yourself.

The Maltese are a pretty gentle yet fearless puppy breed. They are mostly friendly and their glamorous white coat gives them a hint of nobility. However, looks can be deceiving as this furry ball of cuteness isn’t just for companionship. They prove to be excellent therapy dogs and also excel in dog competitive sports such as agility tests, obedience games, rallying and even tracking. Now, if you think the above-mentioned qualities aren’t special enough, be prepared to get your socks knocked off with what’s coming.

  • Personality

This is a natural bubbly dog breed with so much spirit. They are people-oriented breeds with a knack for attention and food rewards during training sessions. Although the Maltese are a fearless breed even for its miniature size, they treat everyone they meet as friends. Their personality is happy-go-lucky and their temperament is somewhere in between. They are very responsive breeds and even as they make great family dogs they’re also great with single people. 

  • Adaptability

Maltese puppy breeds are excel with flying colors in this department. Being petite breeds you can foresee they’ll be great in apartments or other confined spaces. Hence, having them around will be no bother at all. The Maltese puppy breed is a great choice for novice owners. With their size and sweet disposition, why wouldn’t they be? They also adapt to hot weathers but you may need to get them a blanket during the cold ones.

  • Trainability

Maltese are pretty intelligent breeds and this quality makes them easy to train. They are smart, obedient and energetic, however early socialization is required for this breed. Even as the Maltese can be mouthy, they have very little tendency to wander off in search of anything so you’re sure to find them wherever you leave them as per command. 

Bubbly disposition, amazing fur, sweet face, and intelligence: these and many more are the features that make the Maltese puppy breed incredibly special. This is one breed that has it all, and on top all the previously mentioned features/qualities, the Maltese is incredibly easy to groom and they aren’t genetically predisposed to certain ailments too. Rumor has it that the Maltese are also a hypoallergenic breed thus making it great for people with dog allergies. With all this said, should you ever want a sweet little Maltese for yourself, you can visit the PremierPups site and see the variations in each puppy breed. 

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