What Is My Dog Trying To Tell Me?

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Our beloved canines are always communicating with us through both body language and movements. By observing these actions and learning to understand them we can begin to recognize what it is that our pups are really trying to tell us. In this article we will look at their body language exhibited by their tail, eyes, ears and even their mouth.

Tail – We’ve all seen dogs wag their tail when they are happy or excited or even when they get a big ole whiff of something they want to eat, but do dogs really only wag their tail when they are happy or excited? Not necessarily. A dog is also inclined to wag their tail even when they are exhibiting stress or anxiety or are fearful of something within their environment. This makes it even more important to understand all of your pups movements and body language. You may also notice that when your pooch is frightened, they may tuck their tail in between their legs. Additionally, a raised and stiff tail is signaling an aggressive emotion and is a warning to stay clear.

Eyes- Those big brown eyes aren’t just for making us feel guilty for not sharing our table scraps. Surprisingly, the canine’s eye movements aren’t that far off from a human. They will appear large when they are startled, uncertain, or even frightened. They can also show signs of something upsetting them, for example, you may notice your dog turn their head away, but they are still looking at you from the corner of their eye, this uncertainty that they are exhibiting can lead to aggression so it is best to stay calm until your pet becomes calm also. When they are relaxed their eyes will appear relaxed and start to slowly close. We often believe that when our dog is staring directly into our eyes it because they love us, and why that can certainly be the case, a frozen stare can mean a sign of warning and aggression, so pay attention to the movements of the other body parts discussed in this article.

Ears– Depending on the breed your pup may have floppy, pointed or rounded ears. And though, the appearance may be different the movements and the language are the same. A dog whose head is slightly turned to one side, with their ears at full attention (usually, stiff and upright or pulled back tightly), is showing signs of alertness, uncertainty, curiosity or even submission. If the ears are just slightly back, the dog is showing you their friendly and playful nature. Essentially, the further back a dog’s ears are the more afraid and fearful they are.

Mouth– Even though our beloved pups can’t use words to communicate with us, they can still use their mouth to give us insight on what they are trying to say. If your dog is feeling happy or at ease, their expression will have calm appearance with their mouth being slightly parted or their jaw relaxed. If they are anxious about something their mouth will be closed and their jaw tight. If a dog shows their front teeth while pulling up their lips they are showing signs of aggression. Additionally, if you find your dog is panting, they are trying to cool down. Dogs don’t sweat like us- they breathe out heavily and drool to cool down. They also, release heat through the pads of the feet.

We all wish we knew what our pets were thinking or that they could talk to us. But by simply watching your dog’s movements, you can recognize some very clear messages as to what they are actually trying to tell you. If you are looking to find your very own fur-ever friend or to find out more information on some incredible dog breeds, please visit premierpups.com today.

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