What Foods Should Your New Puppy Avoid?

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If you think puppies are cute, you should see them when they ‘re hungry. It’s so easy to be influenced by their sweet looks and feed them whatever you’re having but bear in mind you may be the reason for their next trip to the ER. Your new puppy is just getting accustomed to people, smells and tastes, hence they have no clue of what they’re eating. It’s your job as a dog parent to really checkmate what they eat so they don’t end up sick. This may seem like a lot considering you’re a new dog parent but it’ll pay off once your puppy remains healthy. No matter how much you think they want it, here are some foods you should never let your new puppy have. 

  • Alcohol 

This one may seem easy because it’s not like you’ll intentionally feed your puppy a bottle of beer but you should know that alcohol is embedded in lots of beverages and food products so much so that a simple glance at the ingredients section can save your puppy’s life. Alcohol causes projectile vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, tremors, blood acidity increase, coma and let’s not forget death in puppies. Hence, keep all alcoholic foods and beverages out of your puppy’s reach and do contact your veterinarian if you suspect ingestion. 

  • Chocolate 

You probably know this one already. Chocolates and caffeinated products contain methylxanthines which are found in cocoa seeds. Now when ingested by your vulnerable little puppy, methylxanthines can trigger excessive thirst, diarrhea, panting, hyperactivity, seizures, and of course death. Chocolates are very toxic in puppies and one should note that the darker the chocolate, the greater its toxicity. So, chocolate is something else to keep beyond your new puppy’s reach. 

  • Grapes and raisins 

It may seem like this is a healthy food choice but a certain unknown substance found in both grapes and raisins attacks your new puppy’s defenses faster than it’ll take you to load a YouTube video. These foods are so toxic before and after they are ingested. Your new puppy could choke on them before they are consumed and once they’re in the system, they can trigger kidney failure amongst other dire medical conditions in your new puppy. Hence steer clear from feeding your puppy grapes and raisins. 

  • Xylitol 

This may sound like some type of chemical which you’re never likely to feed your puppy but once you know what it’s embedded in you may act differently. Xylitol is a major constituent of gum, toothpaste, candy, and baked goods. It’s a sweetening agent so you may not think it can cause any harm. When ingested by some species, xylitol triggers insulin release which could spiral down to liver failure. Hence it is very deadly and should never be ingested by your puppy. 

The list of foods that your new puppy should never have is very extensive and it covers citrus, coconut-based products, nuts, dairy, onions, garlic, salty snacks, chives, and so many others. Your new puppy is very vulnerable and you are in control of their diet. However, should your puppy consume any of the afore-mentioned toxic foods, do rush them to the veterinarian. 

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