What Else Is My Pet Trying To Tell Me?

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In a previous article, we discussed our dog’s body language and what they may be trying to tell us through the use of their tail, eyes, ears and mouth. Now let’s take it a little farther and look into what else our pet’s body movements are telling us. From jumping up, to barking, licking and even biting or nipping everything our dogs do is a way to communicate what they are seeking, thinking or feeling.

Jumping-Many times when we encounter a dog, maybe even our own, the first thing that they do is jump up on us to greet us. Dogs thrive on attention and companionship and so when they are jumping up at you they are almost always seeking attention and affection. In addition to being a sign of excitement, it can also mean that a dog is trying to exhibit dominance over a person, this occurs most often when the dog is introduced to someone new.

Barking– Though they can’t use words, they still can communicate with their voice. A dog’s level or rate of barking symbolizes the amount of energy they are putting behind the emotion that they are trying to exhibit. According to the, “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan, he claims a barking dog is essentially trying to tell you that they are bored, spoiled, confused, or scared. By carefully listening to the vocals of your pet, and studying and learning their body language you can begin to understand what they are really trying to tell you.

Licking– While we as humans tend to hug or shake hands, our dogs tend to lick as a greeting. It’s a sign to say, I’m excited to see you or I love you. Additionally, when our dogs were still tiny puppies nursing from their mother they often took or licked food from her mouth, that instinct is still present in our pets and is why they are so adamant about licking you on the mouth (other than you just ate something that they REALLY want)!

Biting or Nipping– Our canine friend’s innate nature is often to bite or nip when they are nervous, anxious or possessive of an object or person. You may notice that they incessantly chew on a favorite bone or toy or even on their own paw when their environment changes and they become nervous or uncomfortable. This is most often triggered by the presence of another animal or a stranger that they are not accustomed to. They may also nip or bite as a way of protecting their food, bone, toy or anything else that they don’t want anyone else to have- they do it as a sign of warning to back off. Lastly, dogs will bite if they feel threatened or in danger or if they are trying to protect their humans from the threat of harm or danger. Most dogs do not just bite without reason.

While we may never know all of what are dogs are thinking or exactly what they mean, we can have a very big understanding of what they are trying to tell us in a roundabout way. Our pets are patient with us as we try to communicate with them and it is important for us to extend that same patience with them. They are man’s best friend for a reason and we owe it to them to listen and learn.

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