Best 3 Q&A About The Cavachon! (Part 3)

How much exercise does the Cavachon require?

This breed will require a moderate amount of exercise, and is best suited for half an hour of walks/active play throughout the day. 

To have a healthy and active Cavachon for many years to come, you should be providing enough exercise and time for your pet to stretch their legs.

They love to play, so the ideal setting for them is one with plenty of toys that they can play with independently. 

Toys like chewing items or interactive and durable materials are especially important for their mental growth.

Is the Cavachon a sociable dog?


this breed enjoys being in the limelight. 

They will be happy to socialize with other people and other dogs if it is introduced to them at a young age.

What is the temperament of a Cavachon?

The Cavachon is the ultimate companion. 

They are not only loving and gentle but they are also devoted to their owners. 

When you have a Cavachon it can be more important than ever to spend as much time with them as possible because of their playful, energetic personality.