Twenty-Two Of The Coolest Pup Facts You Will Ever Read

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The first of twenty-two interesting dog facts has to do with the number twenty-two. The average dog owner takes a twenty-two-minute walk per day with his fur-legged friend.

The average lifespan of a dog is about 4,000 days. The longest living dog walked the earth for about 11,000 days!

Dogs live in one out of three houses in the US. The US has more dogs than any country in the world. More than eighty million!

Dogs have up to three hundred million olfactory receptors in their nose and have a sense of smell forty times better than humans. They can smell dinner before it’s even in the oven!

The average pup can sprint at nineteen miles per hour. A human who’s in good athletic shape may reach brief speeds of about fifteen miles per hour.

Much to contrary belief, dogs are not color blind.

A dog’s hearing is about ten times better than a human’s hearing. A dog’s hearing is ten times better than a human’s hearing. Oh, you heard me the first time?

Female dogs are pregnant for about sixty days before giving birth.

The Labrador Retriever has been America’s top breed of dog since 1991.

Dogs are indeed a part of a family. Nearly 70% of families sign their pooches name to holiday cards.

Adult dogs have forty-two teeth. Imagine how expenses his braces would be!

Due to their unusual proportions, French Bulldogs trouble copulating. As a result, a large majority of French bulldogs are created through artificial insemination.

Puppies are born blind and deaf. It takes puppies about two weeks before they can see and hear.

Puppies need between fifteen to twenty hours of sleep every day.

A puppy is considered a “dog” on his first birthday.

Pups are born without teeth.

Newborn puppies can’t poop without the help of their mother.

To soothe a puppy, sing to her.

The Newfoundland breed is such a skilled swimmer he is used as a lifeguard in parts of the world.

Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking.

Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.

No need to call the doctor! The average pup’s temperature is between 101 and 102 degrees.

Dogs’ noses secrete a thin layer of mucous that helps them absorb scent. They then lick their noses to sample the scent through their mouth.