Tips On Finding The Right Doggy Daycare

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Finding the right doggy daycare is important. Most puppy owners consider their pups one of their children and will not settle for anything but the best for them. Doggy daycare is a fantastic option for puppy owners who may not be home for extended periods of time during the day. It will allow for their pups to socialize with other dogs and people and will help to prevent puppy separation anxiety.  

Here are some tips to consider during your doggy daycare search. 


Take A Tour Of The Daycare

Take a physical tour of the facility before committing. Do not rely merely on pictures and videos from their website. Any daycare can post positive looking pictures of their facility. The last thing you want to do is drop your puppy off on his first day of daycare and observe things that concern you. Most if not all doggy daycares offer tours and will allow your pup to take the tour with you. 

During the tour, inspect areas of the facility for safety, cleanliness, and adequate amounts of staff. Things such as properly secured fencing in outdoor play areas are very important.

Who Plays Together?

Inquire with staff as to how they separate the dogs. Many will separate dogs based on size, temperament, and play style. Pups such as a Mini Goldendoodle, who enjoy a more physical style of play, will generally do better together with other pups like Mini Labradoodles. More reserved pups like a Shih Pooh may have more of an enjoyable experience with other similar pups, such as a Maltipom

Free-For-All Or Focused Routine?

Does the facility have guided play and an actual activity routine? This is important because it will help to ensure your puppy is getting quality one on one attention. Often this type of routine is useful for pups who are in the early phases of training. Having an activity routine that is monitored by staff will help to correct many unfavorable habits that your puppy may have. 

Snacks And Treats

What types of treats are being fed to your pup? Are the treats given as “snacks,” or are they offered as an award for playing nice and following commands? A positive reward-based treat will help your puppy understand that his good behavior did not go unnoticed. He will have earned it and want to earn more. This will help to build confidence within him and learn right from wrong. 

Licensed And Insured Are A Must

Is the facility properly licensed and insured? This is very important for many reasons. Licensed facilities must meet set health and safety standards. These standards are in place for the health and wellbeing of your puppy. You certainly would not send your child to a daycare that did not have the highest standards. The facility’s insurance is also important should something unexpected occur while your pup is in their care. 

Read, Research, And Ask Questions! 

Take the time to read online reviews before touring the facility. Although reading the favorable reviews is good peace of mind, the negative reviews will help prepare you to look for any noted unfavorable conditions. Don’t hesitate to have staff at the facility explain any of the negative reviews you read. If there was merit to the negative review, were any steps taken by the facility to correct the issue? 

Take Your Time In Your Selection Process

Taking the time to find the right doggy daycare will provide your puppy with a lot of happiness and joy. It will also allow you to know that your fur-ever friend is in good hands. Your puppy is a part of your family and deserves the best.