Tips on Easy Travels with Your Puppy

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One of the exciting moments your puppy will have is when you are traveling with it. The feel of the fast wind as the car speeds past trees, the seemingly moving houses as you drive, all these are the sights and feelings your puppy gets delighted about and looks forward to the next ride.

For your easy travel tips, try these…

For car trips, these are handy hacks.

  1. Start with the crate/ carrier tutorial

Your puppy should be snugly inside his/her crate, so the first thing you need to do is to get your puppy familiar with the crate. How? Start using the crate at home regularly, let them learn to lie in there sometimes in the day or in the night beside you. That way, they will grow fond of the crate and you will not experience any resistance from them in the car or anywhere.

  1. Gradually introduce them to the car

Bear in mind that you are dealing with a smart canine, and they learn very fast too, so you can start by getting your puppy into a stationary car while sitting close to them. Your puppy should sniff around the car and be fond of the car. They should get familiar with places other than your house. When that happens, traveling will be good without fuse.

  1. Make some short trips

Before the actual traveling, taking your puppy from one end of the street to the other will help to stabilize your puppy’s mind as well as prepare his/her mind for the main trip.

  1. Regulate the trip speed

Stopping for a lunch break occasionally will be helpful to your dog. Take some short breaks from time to time as you both travel.

  1. Keep your puppy’s head inside the car

No matter how fun it may seem, allowing your puppy to peep its head out of the window while on transit is highly risky. Apart from getting an eye irritation they could slip and fall out of the car window and this may be fatal. So, no head(s) through the window, please!

  1. Pre-shade the windows during hot weather

When you are traveling during the summer, you can expect lots of sunny rays getting in contact with the car glass. A sunshade guard attached to the window will keep your puppy safe from the sun.

  1. Be prepared for motion sickness

Some dogs fall prey to car sickness and this happens when your furry buddy is full in the stomach. So, make plans to carry paper towels, cleaning sprays and if possible, let your puppy feed lightly before any trip.

For flight trips, try these.

  • Get some ideas from your vet. On your puppy breed’s travel requirement.
  • Double-check and be sure your puppy’s size is in order with the size requirement of the flight.
  • Stuff and carry your pooche’s bag with treats, toys, food, wipes, and water.
  • Be sure to have the carrier bottom lined with an absorbent pad.
  • The temperament of some breed may act up during prolonged trips so, getting your vet’s advice on sedatives to use while on transit will help.

Trip making is one of those exciting experiences we make and traveling with your puppy is another thrilling moment for you and your puppy.

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