Three Foods That May Be Harmful to Your New Puppy

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Your puppy’s diet is one of the things about him/her that needs you to double-check if you dread dealing with stomach upset, which every pet owner wishes it never occurs. Because diet harmfulness manifests in horrific ways from getting your harmless pooches writhing with constipation, the annoying discomfort, to anemia, breathlessness and whew! You can’t take this chance.

So briefly, if you are new in the dog ownership family or you probably have never known the foods that could strike as “toxic” to your puppy’s diet, here is some help…

  • Forget Everything about Chocolate.

Yes! You heard it right, dump it, oh! “But they are so creamy and a wonderful treat to hand this cute pooch,” you may want to retort. But, if you hate the health upset episodes! Forget about the chocolate for Molly. Why? Because chocolates contain theobromine that is fair for human consumption but toxic for dogs. A harmless bite of the dark creamy bar will send your pet to scary vomiting sessions, followed with diarrhea, abnormal heartbeats, tremors and worst with seizures. Gosh! So nightmarish, isn’t it? Now you see why it shouldn’t be given. Along with dairy foods too, your little buddy doesn’t have the needed enzymes to work down the milk and sugars and the severe intestine issues are what follows it. so, no matter how irresistible the taste and looks are and your pal may be already drooling for it, never give.

  • Stay away from Fatty Meat and Bacon

Now, this looks hard… Yes, it looks difficult but what is harder is dealing with the pancreatic reaction it will end your little friend with. If you are wondering what could be wrong in this delicious plateful? Here is it, meats often contain lots of salt and that will upset your doggy’s stomach. The fattiness of the meat will get the pooches thirstier than normal which will lead to excessive consumption of water and the result is bloat, and bloat is torture and could be fatal. It’s alright for you to love the ham, bacon and other fatty meaty meals but your dog’s health remains paramount so, you are free not to feel selfish by eating them all alone.

  • Absolutely no Onions and Garlic

If some people find their pungent scent uncomfortable then you can bet it goes beyond pungent in the stomach of your buddy. These duos are specialists in poisoning your puppy’s digestive system thereby resulting in vomiting, weakness, anemia, and breathlessness. Even a small amount of it can do as much as destroying the dog’s red blood cells. Now, you see why you need to double-check on the ingredients added to your dog’s food, a little slice of it can wreck a world of horrors for you and torment for your pooch. So, it is better to keep it far away for your pal’s good.

Your doggy’s diet is very important to its overall wellness and growth, as one bad meal could turn your once happy jumping dog to a health-demand dog which may end badly. Though the are several meals that may erupt adverse effects on your pal, these three are the quick, handy and tricky ones to look out for always.

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