Three Foods That May Be Harmful to Your New Puppy

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Let’s face it, puppies are very adorable and on an average day, it may be hard to contain how much those soft barks affect you let alone say no to them when they’re eyes are all seeking what you’re eating. As a new dog owner, you may not have all the food restrictions with dogs figured out yet. It’ll take some getting used to and we’re here to help but first things first, you’ve got to have boundaries especially with food.

No matter how cute your new puppy looks or how bad he wants what you’re having, you cannot give it to him unless you’re absolutely sure it isn’t poisonous to him. Here are the top three human foods that may cause serious damage to your new puppy’ssystem.

  1. Chocolate

This may just be the deadliest of them all. A little of it can be very fatal for dogs. It would seem strange to you that this may be poisonous to your dog seeing as he can eat almost anything you give him. However, eating it isn’t the problem, it’s what comes after that most certainly is. Here’s how it works; Theobromine is an active ingredient in chocolate. Matter of fact it’s found in pretty much every type of chocolate, especially the dark ones and of course the ever so delicious baking chocolate. This ingredient may not be toxic to humans but it can be deadly to dogs. It can cause severe health complications like seizures, vomiting, tremors, abnormal heartbeats, diarrhea or severe dehydration in a full-sized dog, let alone your sweet little pup. Do save the sweets for the humans in your life.

  1. Avocado

Avocadosand their compatibility with dogs in general is somewhat controversial. This is because, although harmful, it’ll take a whole lot of avocados to spike your dog’s vitals. For clarity’s sake, let’s dive deeper. Just like chocolate contains theobromine, avocados have persin. Now, this persin can be found in the leaves, seeds, fruit or even on the bark of the avocado tree. As much as dogs have tested positive to persin resistance, the substance can still prove fatal if ingested by dogs in high doses. However, the ripe avocados do have lower persin levels than the unripe ones which is why one shouldn’t have an avocado plant that’s accessible to their dogs. Why? because they tend to overindulge the unripe fruits as well as the leaves or stems which possess the most persin percentage.

  1. Bacon

This may come as a shocker considering a lot of dog owners feed their dogs bacon as a treat. However, your new puppy is in no capacity to start accumulating high fatty foods in his system. Foods rich in fat like bacon, meat trimmings or even ham can trigger cases of pancreatitis in both puppies and adult dogs. In addition to this, the salt content in these foods is on the high side for dogs and can also trigger thirst, stomach upsets or even bloat which has proven to be fatal in dogs. So, if you must feed your new puppy meat, stick to leaner options.

Dogs are very sensitive creatures so concerning what they can eat, be sure to double-check everything because what may seem completely harmless to you can trigger a system shutdown in your new puppy.

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