Thinking of getting a puppy? These three breeds are perfect for first-time dog owners.

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Are you looking for some recommendations for easy house-breaking dogs? Here are the three to take a chance with. Having a dog for the first time can be overwhelming and thrilling but there is still some breed of dogs that will make the task less daunting and confusing and here are just three of them that will give your debut into the “dogs hall of owners” an exhilarating experience.

Though they are quite some easy house-breaking dogs for the meantime, let’s look at these three. The papillon, the bichon fries, and the Labrador retriever.

  • The Papillon

If you desire to have a pet, then you will enjoy the company of this cute snugly bundle on your lap the whole day. Though they have a mildly active lifestyle, their exercise needs are minimal and you don’t need to own a yard before getting a papillon. For housebreaking, these intelligent breeds are generally easy to train and they are loyal to their owners. For grooming, papillon requires little regular brushing of the hair to prevent matting, brushing of the teeth, clearing of the ear and other routine hygiene care of every dog’s needs. If you have children, you will make a wonderful choice by getting this breed because, they are naturally fond of children, especially older children but if you have toddlers around, you will need to be a bit vigilant here. As the toddlers may mistake the puppy for a small toy or may accidentally step on it considering its petite frame.

  • The Bichon Frise

This warm eyed adorable happy puppy with its cute and bouncy frame will make your home a beautiful place with its charming looks and lifestyle. For training, bichon fries are smart dogs and they respond well to training and require minimal grooming. More so, its coat needs to be trimmed and combed to keep it neat, you can also keep its coat short too. For housing, bichon frise adapts well to any environment so you will not any worry traveling with it. For temperament, the bichon fries are child-friendly dogs and love the company of children and require minimal daily exercises to keep it healthy, happy and sound.

  • The Labrador Retriever

If you are looking for a smart and intelligent medium-sized dog, a Labrador retriever should meet your taste with its sturdy body frame and agility. These breeds are very loyal and affectionate dogs and respond to training swiftly, you can also teach it to handle any task, the kind of dog that looks forward to those errands. If you are a lover of exercise, the Labrador retriever will certainly enjoy the fitness daily jogging with you as this breed requires a lot of exercise. For grooming, regular brushing of the fur will reduce shedding and keep your dog looking nice. What’s more? Labs are particularly fond of children and adapt conveniently to any environment.

Having a puppy friend for the first time is often reckoned with a lot of uncertainties and responsibilities which makes looking for dogs with little needs a good option. And with either of these three breeds, you and your buddy can have an exciting time all year round.

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