They Will Fight Like Cats And Dogs… Or Will They?

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They will fight like cats and dogs…

How many times have you heard that expression? Although some animal breeds instinctively may not get along, believe it or not, most cats and dogs get along just fine and at times are even inseparable!

If you have a cat and are considering adding a puppy to your household, there are certain breeds that do very well together. Cats can be finicky and become anxious around other animals. However, with proper introduction and by finding a dog breed with the right temperament and personality, this can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

Below is a list of puppy breeds that generally tend to coincide peacefully with cats.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This breed is a gentle, sweet, and loving small pup. They enjoy calm playing and are not known to be at all aggressive. They also do not bark in excess, which will prevent your cat from being startled, alarmed, annoyed, or overly excited. These pups like to snuggle with their owners (and other pets) and make a great fit in multi-pet households.

The French “Frenchie” Bulldog: A mellow, lowkey, and non-aggressive puppy with a high tolerance level. This breed is not disturbed easily and enjoys socializing with other animals. Since they are not high strung, they tend to do well with cats, who are generally independent and calm animals. They are stocky and robust pups but do not grow into giant dogs who may be overly playful with your cat.

The Pug: One of the oldest dog breeds, the Pug, over time, has grown to love mankind and animal kind. Although this adorable and playful breed of pup can be a little mischievous at times, he is generally a calm and pleasurable puppy to be around. He will keep your cat on his toes but in a loving sibling way. Don’t be surprised if you find your cat and Pug napping together on the couch.

The Maltese: A beautiful and peaceful breed who enjoys her family and other pets. We often think that the pup will be the “alpha dog” in a dog and cat relationship, but in this case, your kitty will run the show when it comes to playing! Known to fit in well with cats and other family pets, the Maltese is a puppy that needs to be considered. Her pleasant personality and gentle temperament will make a great fit in any multi-pet household.

The Boston Terrier: A great combination between an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier, comes the ever-adorable Boston Terrier. This pup loves to play and is known to be very tolerant of children and other pets. They also enjoy quiet time and will have no problem curling up next to your cat for a nap. They have excellent temperaments and tend to fit in well with households of all dynamics.

Before bringing home your fur-ever friend, request a meeting with a puppy care specialist. They will be able to provide you with even more quality information about which breeds they know are also great with cats and other pets. Another good source is to check a reputable puppy adoption store’s website for customer experiences, stories, and reviews written by cat owners who recently adopted a puppy.