Therapy Poodles

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Originally bred and trained as retrievers, the Poodle has become one of the most popular and in demand service and therapy dogs due to their incredible intelligence, affectionate and gentle nature and their inherited low-shedding hypoallergenic coats.

The role of any service or therapy dog is to offer emotional and/or physical support and may include visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools or institutions with confined or disabled patients, often bringing about the first smile seen in many months on the face of a many patients. Scientific studies have revealed that the company of a pet, like a therapy Poodle, has been shown to lower blood pressure and anxiety and significantly reduce stress, which is especially important when working around patients with chronic or debilitating illnesses.

The Poodle will settle down for long periods of time to match the pace of the person that they are with, or will be enthusiastic and ready to go when you are. They are born retrievers with an incredible sense of smell which, means that they can be easily trained to bring things their owner or support pal needs. Their keen sense also makes them a strong responder to diabetic alerting and an aide for those with vision or hearing impairments. In addition, their large size makes it easy for the Poodle to offer support and balance to help someone get around. And yet another big advantage is that the Poodle doesn’t shed, which makes them great service dogs for those with life-threatening allergies.

The Poodle is very in tune with human emotions, which is a must for therapy and service animals. In addition, they must be gentle and under control at all times and should possess an easygoing temperament- something that all Poodles in any size are known for. This makes the Poodle a great choice for work with psychiatric patients. The interaction between a patient and a therapy pet is non-judgmental, which can be extremely encouraging.

What about Poodle Crossbreeds?

Although not widely recognized as a service or therapy dog breed, the Labradoodle – a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever– two of the top service and therapy dog breeds- the Labradoodle inherits all of the dominant characteristics of a reliable assistance companion. Labradoodles can take on the intelligence of a Poodle, and the adaptability of a Labrador. This mixed breed make great companion for people of all ages and conditions because of their ability to adapt to each individual’s needs and preferences.

Poodles are extremely dependable and adaptable and love being companion dogs with a purpose. To find out more information on this intelligent breed, please visit: today.

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