The Maltese – A Charming Lap Dog

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Small and refined with the charm of a southern belle, this charming and sweet pup has made it into the homes and hearts of dog lovers since the 1300’s. The regal Maltese breed, aristocrat of the dog world, has shared the home of royalty and hierarchy for centuries and its temperament proves so.

With more than 28 centuries under its coat as a lap dog, you can expect that a Maltese needs constant human attention and love. Its delicate traits and mostly mild temperament make them great family pets, though it may be best to keep them out of households with small children, as they may play too roughly. Although, they are small and regal they still enjoy a good romp indoor or outdoor and to learn and perform new tricks. And don’t let their tiny frame fool you, these little ones are on high alert and make for great watch dogs.

The Maltese makes the perfect travel companion so make sure to include them in all of your travel plans. Because of their strong need for affection it is best not to leave them alone too long as they can exhibit separation anxiety which can lead to destructive behavior and excessive barking.

Just like that of all dogs, your Maltese will need daily exercise. Active play will help to alleviate some energy, but will not meet the primal need to walk. Short daily walks along with some supervised playtime will fit the bill for this little ball of fluff. They do not need a large area to play, as they are most active indoors, a fenced in area is a great place to allow them to burn some energy and sniff around.

They do best in warmer climates as their small bodies tend to hold on to the cold and dampness. It is important after grooming and after outdoor activity to make sure that they are thoroughly dried as their coat can trap moisture.

At the end of the day, this cuddly and loveable lapdog is a true companion and will take care of you as much as you take care of them. Visit us today at to find your fur ever friend.

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