The Golden Years of Our Pups

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If pet parents had one wish for their fur babies an unsurmountable majority of wishes would be that our precious pups would live forever or at least as long as us. Our pups bring so much joy, love and unmatched companionship that it is hard to imagine life without them. As quoted by, –Agnes Sligh Turnbull, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really”. And oh, how true this is! So how can we make our pets golden years active, meaningful, and full of love?


We all need exercise to keep our bodies and minds healthy and it is no different for our canine companions. In fact, many dogs need quite a bit of daily exercise no matter the size. Make sure to learn about the exercise requirements and mental stimulation needed each day for your pet’s breed.

Eating Properly

We are what we eat. If we eat poorly, then we feel poorly. If we eat good our body reflects that, as does our largest organ, the skin. This goes for Fido, also. We all know that most dogs aren’t picky about what they put in their mouth, but we as pet parents must be very aware of our pet’s diet and health. A high quality diet with plenty of nutrition is key to allowing your dog a long and healthy life. Talk with your vet about the diet that is best for your pup.

Regular Veterinary Visits

Our pets can’t tell us when something isn’t right and it can be difficult to always pick up on the signs. Regular scheduled vet visits will allow us to stay on top of any health related issues as well as keeping them vaccinated against disease. It is recommended to schedule a yearly vet visit for younger dogs and biannual as they become young adults into seniors. If at any time you feel that your pup isn’t acting right or may be ill, contact your local veterinarian right away.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

We love our pets so much and one of the best ways to show them this is to feed them treats and table scraps. However, too much can cause problems not only with diabetes and heart disease, but also with obesity. If a dog is overweight this can cause problems for their joints and back, as their small bodies aren’t designed to carry extra weight. Feed treats in moderation and keep them on a daily exercise routine to maintain their health and weight.

Limit Stress and Anxiety

Yes, our pets experience stress and anxiety just like we do. Though, the reasons are very different the emotion is the same. Our pooches rely on us for everything from exercise, to food, to attention and companionship. Most dogs don’t do well being left alone for long periods of time, so limiting the time we spend away from our pets will help to ease stress and anxiety. In addition, our pups are very keen on picking up our emotions, so if we are upset chances are they will feel that. If we are happy they will pick up on that also. So it is important to keep in mind that our canine’s attitudes can be correlated to ours.

Our pets fill our homes and hearts with so much joy and love that it is easy to want to return the same affection and devotion to them. Keeping our pet’s heathy and happy while they easy into their golden years is the best gift we can give them.

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