The Enchanted Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Once upon a time… or should, I say, “once upon a Corgi”? Either way, legend has it that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is as enchanted as every mystical and magical creature in a faraway land.

It is said, that the elves and fairies of Wales used the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to pull their tiny coaches, herd the wee fairy cattle, and serve as the elegant and courageous steed for the fairy warriors. This was before two children happened to stumble upon a funeral procession of two prominent warrior fairies and were gifted with the warrior’s steeds. Don’t believe me? If you look closely, you can still see the marks of the “fairy saddle” over the shoulders of their fox like and weather resistant coat. Even their namesake is “the dwarf dog”. You see in the Welsh language, “cor” means dwarf and “gi” means dog.

And as if their enchanting lineage isn’t enough, they are the smallest of all cattle herding and ranch hand breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They are the guardians of the farm and the keeper of the secrets. Their heritage speaks leadership and dominance and they are a trailblazer in their own right.

Because fairies are always a little finicky and just a tad bit tricky, you must know that these little steeds don’t come without a bit of quirkiness of their own. They have plenty of energy and love to play – and when over excited have a tendency to nip at the heels of babes and small children. They do not do this to hurt, but in effort to herd and keep their group together as they were brought up to do. Fret not, this can be easily corrected at a young age through proper socialization and training. These little ones must understand that they are not in charge outside of a fairytale land and must be guided and corrected.

Folklore and fairytale aside, these courageous and loyal pups make the perfect addition to any family, whether working on a farm or frolicking in the back yard this charming pooch will be sure to add love and magic to your heart and soul. To learn more on how you can bring home your own little piece of legend, visit

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