The Amazing Poodle…

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The Poodle is a unique breed of dog with roots that trace back to the fifteenth century. Originally bred as hunting dogs who would retrieve waterfowl for their handlers. This breed has been a family favorite around the world for generations. A big misconception about Poodles is that they originated in France when their actual point of origination was Germany.

The Poodle is widely considered the most intelligent breed of dog in the world. They are easily trained and quickly catch on to what they are being taught. The breed’s personality and temperament are so well-liked that they have been used for breeding with more than forty types of other dogs!

Some of the more popular Poodle mix dogs include the Cavapoo, Sheepadoodle, ShihPoo, and Havapoo. These breeds have won the hearts of families for years and are considered all-around great puppies. They also tend to inherit their Poodle parent’s intelligent traits as well.

When shopping for a Poodle or a Poodle mix pup, it is very important to take the time to do your homework. There are many “pet stores’ that will sell you a puppy the same way a hardware store would sell you a hammer. Some know very little about where the puppy came from and do not have puppy care specialists on hand who are eager to help answer any of your questions.

It is also very important to read customer reviews and thoroughly check out the store’s health guarantee. The last thing you want to experience is bringing home your fur-ever friend only to find out the store does not back the quality of their puppies. Buying a puppy should be a happy and enjoyable experience and will be when you shop from the right puppy adoption store.