Ten Frequently Asked Questions About the Teddy Bear

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Imagine having a real-life teddy bear as a puppy. This is every child’s dream. The Teddy Bear puppy breed exceeds the definition of cute from their curly and thick fur to their beady eyes and not forgetting their soft barks. Just looking at them engulfs you with so much love and happiness and holding them melts your heart completely. This breed is a national treasure and like all national treasures, people want to know more about it. This piece is highlighting ten frequently asked questions about the Teddy bear puppy breed.

  1. Why are they called Teddy Bears?

Just take a look at them and you’ll know why. This designer puppy breed has a striking resemblance to the fuzzy stuffed bears we love to cuddle to sleep and that’s what inspired their name.

  1. Are they mixed breeds?

Yes. Teddy Bear dogs are designer breeds which are mostly the hybrids of two or more breeds; because let’s face it if Teddy Bear was purebred, the world wouldn’t be able to handle their cuteness.

  1. Who are their parent breeds?

Teddy Bear dogs have Shih Tzus, Bichon Poodles, Bichon Frises or even traces of Schnauzers as their parents. Their genetic pool is rich with diversity and oneness at the time. This is the reason for their coat color and personality diversity.

  1. When was the Teddy bear discovered?

This hybrid was discovered in the year 2000. Hence the Teddy Bear dog breed came into discovery and was introduced at the beginning of a new year, decade, century and millennium.

  1. Are they actually therapeutic?

There’s a certain calming disposition that the teddy bear breed has. Because of this and the fact that they do not conform to the small dog ‘yappy’ and ‘anxious’ temperaments, they were initially used as therapy dogs for handicapped children.

  1. Are they hypoallergenic?

A lot of people can’t stand dogs because they incite their allergies. Teddy bear dogs are perfect for such people as they are bred to be hypoallergenic.

  1. Do they remain small forever?

Teddy bears are puppy-sized breeds that maintain their stuffed animal size even as they age. A teddy bear breed grows to maturity while weighing about 8-16 pounds.

  1. Are they easy to train?

Teddy Bears are very sensitive to their humans and this makes them understand and obey simple instructions once they’re trained. In essence, training them is quite easy because of their attentiveness.

  1. What is its life expectancy?

This breed has an average life expectancy of about 12-16 years.

  1. How much does it cost to get one?

Due to its hybrid nature, a teddy bear breed doesn’t have a unified physical trait and this is the reason for the huge adoption cost range. While some could cost you $500, others can set you back up to $2000.

The Teddy Bear puppy breed is highly sought after due to its amazing looks and a calmer disposition. If you’re in need of this breed or other designer breeds, PremierPupshas a vast number of beautiful pups all seeking adoption.


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