Taking Your Puppy on a Trip? Here are 5 Car Safety Tips for a Smooth Ride

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Your puppy is a member of your family is expected to be present for and participate in family activities and other outings. Thus from simple activities like running errands at the grocery store to family cookouts and road trips, because you love them so much you cannot afford to leave them behind when doing these things. This is why you take them along.

Dogs are particularly happy when in the front of a car, head out the window, wind in their hair and tongue sticking out. However, puppies are still too little to reach the windows and you’ll need to keep them more protected whenever you’re on the move.

Car safety for pets is very important regardless of the journey and this piece is highlighting 5 easy car safety tips which you can imbibe to keep your furry little friends safe and sound while on the road.

  1. Get a dog harness seatbelt

Seat belts aren’t just for humans anymore and if you love your puppy and wouldn’t want to see them get hurt, then a dog harness seatbelt may just be your best bet. This is an accident precautionary measure that’s totally safe and best for well-behaved puppies. The harness seat belt secures your puppy in one position and its strap can be plugged into the car seat belt. This harness seatbelt is great for both small and large dogs, so puppies will do just great in them. You can place your puppy in any seat comfortably and they’ll be safe and sound.

  1. A Zip-Line Harness

Now, smaller dogs and puppies alike are perfect for the harness seatbelt as long as they’re docile and okay with staying in one spot. But, if your puppy breed is more active than others, then a Zip-Line Harness is the better option. This performs the same security and safety function as the harness seatbelt, but the difference is that the Zip-Line harness offers more range for your puppy’s movement. This harness is however better set up at the back seat.

  1. Install a backseat barrier

Puppies are much smaller and more fragile than the average-sized dog and as much as they would love to ride shotgun, their presence in the front seat isn’t the safest option for them. Hence, they’re better off at the back. Nevertheless, even whilst in the back, there’s no guarantee that your puppy wouldn’t attempt to climb onto the front just to be with you and this is why a barrier is needed at the back seat to hinder a crossover from both parties. Hence, this is not just for your puppy’s safety, but for yours as well. These barriers come in different types for different cars.

  1. Break

Your puppy can start feeling claustrophobic in a car especially during long road trips. Thus to expend some of their pent up energy, take breaks with them. You can take them out when stopping for gas or when taking a leak. Remember, your puppy is still young and will definitely need to go too. 

  1. Check the car temperature

If you’re going to leave your puppy in the car for any reason, be sure the temperature is conducive for him. Cars radiate heat when the temperature is anything from mild to hot and your puppy can die if left inside a hot car for too long, even if the windows are open. Thus, always check the car’s temperature.

We all want our furry little friends to be safe at all times and these safety tips will help you do just that whenever you’re in a car with your puppy.

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