Suitable Puppies For Families With Children

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A common question that parents have while shopping for a puppy has to do with what type of dog is most suitable for children. The assumption is a dog too small runs the risk of being injured while playing with kids, and a puppy that will grow to be too big runs the risk of injuring kids while playing. The truth is that the puppy’s size does not matter when both the puppy and children are taught “the rules” from day one. 

Your new puppy should be taught the basics, such as no jumping up against people to greet them and other similiar behavioral pet peeves. Many puppies also “nip” while playing. Although they do this to play, this habit needs to be addressed and corrected immediately as even playful nipping can harm a child. Children should be taught that puppies do not respond well to yelling or being pulled around, even if it is playfully done. Yelling and screaming can alarm your puppy and cause him to become overexcited and overly rambunctious. The early stages of a puppy’s development are much like a child’s and mold their behavior into adulthood. 

Most puppies are naturally kind-hearted and good with children. This especially true with children living in the same household as the dog. They tend to be protective, loyal, and loving members of the family. One consideration that needs to be taken is the breed’s instinctive personality. Some breeds are very easygoing and tolerate things that other, more high-strung breeds will not. Dogs that have a lower tolerance are still good dogs, but certain breeds are naturally wired to react differently to stresses, noises, and situations. 

The following five dog breeds are historically great around children and should be considered if you are looking for a new family pup. 

Leading off is the Morkie. These are tiny dogs with giant hearts. This breed of dog is very affectionate and adores people, especially those in his family. They enjoy playing and your children will quickly have a new best friend. 

Next is the Maltese, which is a smaller pup who is very even-tempered. They respond well to children and families of all sizes. The Maltese is known to be sweet, playful, and loyal and is one the entire family will adore. 

Another family favorite is the Frenchie, also known as the French Bulldog. This adorable puppy is loving, cuddly, and sturdy. The Frenchie enjoys being with his family, especially while snuggling on the couch with them. He is mild-mannered and very easygoing, which is an excellent trait for families with children. His adorable little face is second to none. 

Who doesn’t love the King Charles Cavalier? This breed is not only adorable but very gentle and makes a fine choice with families that have children. This versatile puppy is just as happy snuggling on the couch watching a movie as it is outside chasing a ball, swimming and running around. 

The final breed on the list is the Poochon. This breed enjoys being around people and other pets and would make a great addition to households that have other pets. They are also a very suitable breed for first-time puppy owners. This affectionate puppy makes a great fit in any family.  

Taking the time to teach your puppy and children safe ways to interact and breaking any bad habits early is the key to success.





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