Small Dog Safety

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Caring for any dog is a big responsibility, but caring for a small dog brings more considerations. The world is a bigger danger to smaller animals and so they must be kept in safe environments at all possible times.

How do I keep my home safe for my small dog?

Just like children, dogs are very curious and can often find themselves in mischief. Make sure to keep all chemicals, like cleaners and foods (some may be potentially toxic to your pet) out of reach of your little one. In essence, you must dog proof your home. Check your home for small objects that could be choking hazards and make sure doors are secured so your pup can’t escape on an adventure.

What are the Safest Toys for my Small Dog?

Purchase toys specifically designed for dogs and choose items with your dog in mind. Smaller dogs are going to have different needs than those of a larger dog. If your pup is a chewer, you’ll want to have hard rubber toys on hand, not an easily destroyed soft toy. Try to avoid buying cheap toys that can be easily destroyed as these pose a choking hazard.

How do I travel safely with my dog?

Canine safety restraints or doggie booster seats are a good option for your pet to ride in your vehicle and can be found at most local and major pet supply stores. If you’re unsure of what to buy, it is best to speak with a professional as they can direct you to the correct restraints for the size of your dog. An unrestrained dog can be a hazard to himself, the occupants of the car and everyone else on the road.

Can I leave my dog outside while I’m at work?

Smaller dogs, especially those with very short hair have greater difficulty regulating body temperature. If it’s too hot they could overheat, resulting in heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke, on the other hand and if it’s too cold they risk the development of hypothermia. It is never a good idea to keep your small pet outside unattended at any time. In addition to the outside elements, a small dog is often more predisposed to predators, as they are seen as small prey. Always keep them on a leash.

Planning for Emergencies

Make sure to have a plan for your pet should an emergency arise. Dog are members of our family and should be treated as so, please don’t ever leave your dog behind. Have a trustworthy guardian to see that your pet is cared for long term when you cannot be there.

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