Reasons why the Cockapoo is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

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The Cockapoo dog breed is a designer breed, one of the oldest too if we might add. They’re sweet and adorable no doubt and will make any house feel like a home, but so will most dog breeds.   

So, what then makes this particular designer breed special and distinguished from all others? What makes it the perfect addition as opposed to its counterparts and what would be the convincing factor that’ll make you choose the Cockapoo as your next pet? Keep reading to find out.  

  • Their Adaptability 

Sometimes when looking for the right breed to adopt you may have to consider things like living arrangements or family size, but with the Cockapoo, you do not have to. This Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix will adapt to any and every environment or living arrangement you’ve got planned. From apartment living to farmhouses or even suburban complexes, the Cockapoo will adapt through it all. Also, there’s no major preference as to its owners. The Cockapoo will thrive with children just as much as it would thrive with the elderly.  

  • Its Temperament 

Because the Cockapoo is a designer breed, its temperament is dependent on its parent breeds. Now, the poodle is known for its intelligence, agility and loving personality while the Cocker Spaniel is known for its affectionate side. Both of these qualities complement each other so it’s safe to say that getting a Cockapoo would mean getting a smart and very affectionate breed. Genetic traits aside, Cockapoos are very people-oriented and they need all the love they can get. However, early socialization will help you mold your puppy into the dog you want. 

  • So many choices 

Just like candy, the cockapoo comes in different colors. These, of course, are the colors of coats. Now, asides from this, while some Cockapoos have spots and coat freckles, others have more of a merle coat. Now, your cockapoo could be black, tan, brown, red, sable, cream, white, beige or sometimes a combination of either colors. However, it’s important to note that each Cockapoo although the same, is unique in their own way.  

  • They love to play 

Cockapoos are very friendly breeds and they love to play which is expectant of smaller dogs. However, unlike other breeds, they do not get destructive if they’re not given a good amount of exercise or attention. They are breeds that you can leave at home and come back to all your properties intact. However, in terms of grooming, they do need regular brushing and occasional baths too, but they do not shed a lot. This is the quality of their Poodle parent. 

Cockapoos are very affectionate puppy breeds. They are smart, friendly, adapt easily and are very energetic. This breed may not just be the perfect addition to your home, it may go as far as being the perfect addition to your life. To adopt the Cockapoo or any other dog breed, PremierPups is a trusted agency that has a plethora of healthy puppies all awaiting love and affection. 


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