Not All Puppy Stores Are Created Equal

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It seems as if more and more pet stores are popping up. Although some of these stores are great for basic supplies and dog food, you really need to do your homework and learn about the store before buying a puppy from them. There are many things to consider when choosing which puppy store is right for you.

Here are some questions you may want to ask the store before purchasing a puppy from them.

-Where do they get their puppies from?

-Are the breeders they use licensed?

-Do their breeders follow strict guidelines to assure the mother puppy and her babies are adequately taken care of?

-Does the store work hand-in-hand with their breeders and take an active role in the breeding process?

-Does the store have more than just 9am-5pm employees, or do they have an actual team of specially trained puppy care specialists?
Specialists who are available for you and your puppy 24/7 if in the event something urgent is needed.

-What sort of puppy health guarantee do they offer? Do they stand behind their sale because they know their puppies are completely healthy and free of any issues?

-Do they offer local pickup and or delivery for those who request it?

-Does the company offer any sort of financing?

-How large of a selection of puppies do they have?

-Do they have public posts posted from satisfied customers?

It takes a lot to be considered a top-rated puppy adoption store. A good establishment will want your puppy buying experience to be more than just a puppy sale. They will understand that you are not just buying a puppy but adding a member to your family. Taking the time to learn about your puppy store will pay off in the long run.