Is Your Lawn Safe For Your Puppy?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pups love a fresh green lush lawn. Running, playing, and rolling around in it while chasing their favorite fetch toy brings them a lot of joy. It makes no difference if you have a Mini Goldendoodle, a Cavapoo, or a Poochon, all pups also nibble on this luscious buffet of turf. Although this is normally very safe for a dog, lawns that have been treated with pesticides do pose a hazard.

First, let us go over what a lawn pesticide is defined as. A pesticide is a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals.

These agents are very effective at killing undesirable weeds and other vegetation that grows in your lawn, as well as certain critters who are known to damage your lawn. Although they do a great job at making your lawn stand out in your neighborhood, they can lead to very serious medical issues in dogs and people.

Certain pesticides are known to be associated with severe medical issues such as cancer, neurological problems, asthma attacks, skin disorders, and congenital disabilities when coming in contact with a living being. After all, these are harsh chemicals. If these chemicals can make you sick, think about what they can do to your fur-legged friend who is eating and rolling around in them.

Some of the known short-term effects on dogs exposed to these chemicals include skin rashes, nausea, eye irritations, and breathing issues. These are red flag warnings that your pup may be reacting to a pesticide, and changes where he is playing need to be made.

Before spraying your lawn with a pesticide, take the time to research its ingredients. There are specially formulated “pet safe” pesticides on the market that are safer for human and canine exposure. These products generally come with a slightly larger price tag, but it is well worth the cost when it comes to you and your pup’s health.