Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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9/11/01. A day that changed the world forever. A day when mankind pulled their resources together for the greater good. A day when man’s best friend also suited up and bravely entered one of the largest disaster areas in the history of the world to save human life.

The relationship and companionship between man and dog are one of the greatest bands on earth. A dog will lay his own life for his owner without hesitation. On 9/11/01, more than three hundred search and rescue dogs were deployed to ground zero. Finding survivors who were rescued and locating the remains of many others which, allowed the slow and painful process of closure for their family and friends to begin.

Although all of the hero dogs who assisted on 9/11 are remarkable, one pup in particular really stands out. A six-year-old black Labrador named Jake was deployed to the scene. Unlike most dogs that are born and adopted to a loving and caring family to live a good life, Jake’s life started off anything but that.

When Jake was just ten months old, he was found abandoned on the streets. He was not well and suffering from many injuries. Two of which were a dislocated hip and a broken leg. Jake was nursed back to health and adopted by a person named Mary Flood, who is a member of a search and rescue organization called the Utah Task Force, who assisted on 9/11.

Without hesitation, Jake began searching for people trapped in large amounts of debris, fire, and smoke. His efforts and bravery will never be forgotten. On the 25th of July 2007, Jake became ill and passed away at the age of twelve.

Dogs are remarkable creatures and are a part of our country’s DNA. Pups such as the Poodle, French Bulldog, Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, and Maltese are often used as therapy dogs for those suffering from certain psychological conditions. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear collars.