Miniature Designer Doodles

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What could be cuter than a designer doodle dog? How about a miniature designer doodle dog! With just as much love and affection as the larger doodles, the minis are filled with the same great attributes just packaged in a smaller bundle. Miniature Poodle hybrids are the result of crossing a Toy or Miniature Doodle Favorites”, listed below are the favorite top ten miniature doodles based on popularity.

Top Ten Miniature Doodle Favorites 

What are the sizes of miniature doodles?

Miniature doodle hybrids weigh in on average anywhere between 8 -30 lbs. and can measure up to 18 inches at shoulder level in height.

Will my Mini Doodle remain small?

There is no guarantee then when you adopt your mini doodle that they will remain small. The reason behind this is larger genes may be carried by the larger parent onto the puppy which means your little one may not get large, but could grow to a medium sized dog. This also works in reverse. Some puppies that are bred to be large may end up growing only to the size of a small/medium doodle.

The most accurate way to predict the approximate finishing weight of your puppy is to weigh them using a weight charting tool, which can be supplied by breeders and veterinarians.

Is a mini doodle’s temperament different than a larger doodle hybrid?

No matter what the mix or the size of the dog, your little one is going to inherit the temperament of both of its parents. It is best to learn about the parent breeds before deciding which doodle mix is right for you.

What will my mini doodle’s coat look like?

Mini doodles just like larger doodle hybrids can come in a variety of coat colors and textures.  They can be straight, wavy, or curly and some will feel softer than others. It is dependent upon what genes come together.  By the time a puppy reaches six weeks old, you can have a pretty good idea of what their coat will look like.

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