Mini Goldendoodle – Lots of Love

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These charming puppies have a sweet temperament and loving personality.

There are few breeds as sweet as the Mini Goldendoodle. Their kind, loyal and affectionate attitude make for a perfect addition to the family. Their non-aggressive demeanor means that they get along pretty fantastically with other pets too! They are eager to please and full of love, they will do everything that they can to keep their humans happy.

Energetic and playful, Mini Goldendoodles love to be on the go, though it is important to note that they’re just as happy to laze around on the sofa at the end of a long and active day. Agility and obedience is really where these pups shine, which means they are a perfect match for an active family who loves to play!

The best of both breeds.

Taking a large portion of the temperament from their Golden Retriever parent, these golden dogs are lovable and playful family pets that shower their humans with loyalty and devotion.

The athleticism, intelligence and hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle parent also shines through quite heavily making this mix an excellent choice for a lifelong companion, especially for those with mild pet allergies.

Their coats are a perfectly charming mix of both parent breeds’—not nearly as curly as a Poodle, but shaggier than a Golden Retriever. They can be orange, cream, dark brown, gray, or black in color. Some are even born in multiple colors.

They make great therapy and service dogs!

Whether, providing comfort and affection to folks in retirement homes and nursing homes, hospitals, or schools the Mini Goldendoodle gets along perfectly with all people, thus making them a great therapy dog. Not many dogs can be both a therapy and a service dog however, these intelligent pups are up to any task, especially when assisting someone who has a disability and learning their routine and needs. As a service dog, they stay with their person and have special access privileges in to public.

Mini Goldendoodles are curious and attentive dogs that are always observing the environment around them. They can pick up on the most subtle of cues which is a crucial skill in a therapy and/or service dog. In addition, they are extremely intuitive and responsive to the emotional and physical needs of people, especially the person that they are helping to care for. But don’t mistake these little sweeties for a guard dog as their sweet temperament would inhibit them from hurting a fly!


This breed really is as “golden” as they come. If you or someone you know is in need of a service or therapy dog or just a loving addition to the family, visit to find out more about this true treasure of a dog.

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