Mini Bernadoodle Big Personality

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This small package of fluff and fur is packed with an overflow of love, affection and personality. Weighing in at 18 lbs. and going up to as much as 35 lbs. the Mini Bernedoodle is a cross between the Miniature Poodle the Bernese Mountain Dog.

If you’re looking for a pet for the whole family, or if you’re a single and looking for a lovable and loyal fur ever friend with good health that will put a smile on your face with their comedic antics, you don’t need to look any further- with a life span of 15 to 18 years – this little one checks off all of the fur ever friend boxes.

They will steal your attention and affection!

These pups are full of energy and devotion. Though they only need a moderate amount of exercise, they will need a whole lot more of your attention. They do best in homes where they are not left alone for long periods of time. They want nothing more than to be with their humans and are just as ready to go on an adventure as they are to snuggle up on the couch.

Just like their poodle parent, they are full of intelligence and can be easily trained. Do be careful, because they are so smart they can just as easily learn bad habits just as well as the good! It is always a good idea to begin training and socialization at an early age to make sure you raise a well-rounded friendly pet.

Keep them busy

As for outdoor activities, this breed can do it all! They enjoy short and easy or long fun filled walks, challenging hikes, and they absolutely love to swim! A visit to the dog park is always a great option as well as the Mini Bernadoodle, though a little shy at first, loves to make new friends and playmates.

When it’s time to settle indoors for the day make sure to have plenty of toys and things to chew for this loveable pooch as boredom can get the best of them. Without enough stimulation they are bound to go after anything that may be lying about… even your favorite pair of shoes!

Full of life and love the Mini Bernadoodle can adapt to almost any environment you bring them into and they are sure to put plenty of smiles on your face. If you want to learn more about adopting a Mini Bernadoodles check us out at

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