Meet the Shih Pom

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A designer mix between the alert and friendly Shih Tzu and the curious and playful Pomeranian, the Shih Pom also known as the Shiranian, is a friendly and loving pup that has taken on all of the best attributes of its parent breeds.

They make excellent family pets and adore being the center of attention. They get along wonderfully with children and other pets, but can become quickly jealous if too much attention is given to someone else, especially another pet. They adore their families and want to keep them safe however they do not make for great guard dogs as everyone they meet will quickly become a friend.

Their small stature and frame along with their inability to adapt to extreme climate changes makes the Shih Pom predominantly an indoor dog. They do however require daily exercise and activity just like any other canine. Short walks in warm temperatures partnered with some free play and plenty of toys will ensure that this little one stays active and fit. In addition, because of their miniature size it is very important to supervise play, especially among small children. These precious pups can sustain injuries easily and should be handled with care.

Shih Poms are sociable in nature and don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time as they are known to develop separation anxiety and destructive behaviors if left to their own devices for extended periods. Proper socialization and training at a young age can help get your dog through periods of alone time and calm or prevent bad habits and behaviors.

In terms of health, the Shih Pom is quite healthy in comparison to its parent breeds and dogs of similar size. One of the more common issues that this little one can face is depression, which goes along with their separation anxiety. This designer breed does best with companions or members of the family who are home most of the day. They are perfect for retired persons or for someone who works from home. Another medical issue facing a dog of this size is respiration as they have smaller nasal passageways making it more difficult to breath in large amounts of oxygen. This is especially important to remember during walks and playtime.

Though these pups are small, they are highly intelligent and trainable. They are eager to please and learn tricks and commands quickly. As with any dog, it is best to start training and socialization at a young age for best results. Since they want nothing more than to please their owners, positive reinforcement is critical for teaching. Negative communication can cause them to slip into anxiety and depression.

This breed wants nothing more than to be loved and to give love. They are wonderful companions and will fill your home and your heart with joy and laughter. To learn more about the Shih Pom and its parent breeds or to find out how you can become a parent to one of your very own, please visit today and speak with one of the caring puppy agents today.

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