Keeping Your Pet Cool During Warmer Months

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Summer and warmer weather can mean lots of fun and outdoor activity with your fuzzy sidekick, but when the temps begin to climb it is crucial to take proper measures to protect your pet. Whether you’re planning on taking a morning stroll, playing fetch in the yard or taking a ride around town your pup is going to need extra attention to keep cool and stay hydrated.

Keep a water bowl and fresh water on hand

Dogs don’t sweat like their humans do. Their sweat comes from panting and evaporation. Therefore, they need plenty of water to keep their internal temperature regulated. Just because you’re not hot, doesn’t mean your pup isn’t. Keep in mind they are wearing a coat all year long.

Lay down a cooling pad or wet towel

There’s nothing like a cool towel on a hot humid day. A cooling pet pad is also a fantastic option, it doesn’t require electricity and it also doesn’t need to be wet down or refrigerated to work. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Have some cool down treats on hand

Doggy ice pops are always a hit for those hot days. You can make ice cubes with tasty treats inside, fill and freeze a chew toy or whip up your own puppy ice by blending berries and water and putting them in freezer safe cups.

Make sure there is a shaded area

Depending on where you are there may not be access to shade provided by trees. Portable sun shades, patio umbrellas, and pop-up canopies are great for creating shade in yards. Many pet companies also offer raised pet pets with a canopy- some are even equipped with a water mister!

Take a dip in a puppy pool

There are plenty of options for collapsible puppy pools that require no electricity or air. There’s lots of space for your fur baby to splash around and even some spare room for you too!
Be aware of the signs of overheating
Your dog can’t tell you if they aren’t feeling well, so keep a watchful eye out for heatstroke, which can have these symptoms:

• Heavy panting
• Heavy drooling
• Trouble breathing
• Rapid heartbeat
• Dark or red gums and tongue
• Dizziness
• Weakness
• Agitation

If your dog is showing these signs, please get them to a local vet immediately.
There are plenty of ways to keep your pet happy and full of activity throughout the warmer months if you practice the proper precautions. So gear up, cool down and have a fur and fun filled summer!
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