I Work A Lot, Is the Pomeranian a Good Fit for Me? 

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Working individuals rarely have pets. This is due to how much time they spend working, they’re left with limited time to actually take care of themselves, let alone another living creature. However, despite the many needs you think a dog would have, they are really great for emotional support and boy are they good companions. Hence, a dog may just be the missing piece you’re looking for.  

As a working individual, before adopting a dog, adequate research should be conducted on different breeds to find the most compatible one with you and your routines. This is because some dog breeds suffer intense separation anxiety when left alone which can make them destructive and because you do not want to come home to a house split in two, we’re conducting this research for you. First stop the Pomeranian. 

What we’re working with 

Pomeranians are very vibrant breeds. They are inquisitive by nature so they’re likely to wander around sniffing and exploring if there’s no one to watch them. this breed falls under the ‘toy breed’ category and it’s very animated in every sense of the word. However, they’re relatively bright breeds and they can be attentive as well. Your Pomeranian is likely to wake you up early in the morning this is why they’re said to be good alarm dogs. So, if you’re a lazy sleeper who has to get to work early, the Pomeranian’s barks will definitely wake you. This breed isn’t hostile per se, they’re more fragile. Hence, they aren’t particularly fond of children because they can be rough. However, they are good with other pets.  

Possible cons 

Pomeranians shed heavily, and you’re likely to come home to fur balls all over the apartment. They require regular brushing of their coat and grooming them can be difficult because of their fragile nature. Like other toy breeds, the Pomeranian can injure easily. They could easily die when stepped or sat on and they could kill themselves or break their necks when leaping over sofas. Hence, this is one breed that should always be watched. Also, Pomeranians are known to have unstable temperaments but this could be checked with early socialization. This breed thinks it’s the Beyonce of the dog world hence, they’re not the most submissive as they tend to have a mind of their own.  

Now, in terms of separation anxiety, the Pomeranian exudes similar traits. As a working dog parent, you should set up your Pomeranian with food, water, source of entertainment (maybe their favorite toys) and of course a litter box before you leave home for work. Even with that as the hours tick by, the Pomeranian gets more agitated and anxious. Hence, it’s not advisable to leave your Pomeranian for 8-9 hours a day. If you must, then leave him in the company of family or even doggy daycare.  

Pomeranians are very sweet breeds and although they are known to bark a lot and be excessively clingy, they are great pets and are always alert. Working individuals shouldn’t go for the Pomeranian as their first pick and if they must, they should be prepared to either find a dog walker or register them in doggy daycare because they need a lot of attention. Looking for a Pomeranian to love? PremierPups has beautiful Pom puppies all waiting to be showered with affection. 


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