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How To Spot Professional Dog Breeders

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As much as most people would want to adopt a fully grown dog from a shelter, there’s so much uncertainty with that route. For instance, you’re not exactly sure of the adult dog’s temperament, health or wellbeing and these are reasons why a lot of people give preference to purebred or designer puppies.

The first thing to do when going on this route is finding a breeder and not just any breeder, one that’s more concerned with the craft than the stipends. This is because a lot of puppy breeders are carefree about the health and welfare of these puppies and are solely in the business to make ends meet. Nevertheless, it is possible to sieve out the real professional breeders from the money-hungry ones and this piece will equip you to do just that. 

When looking up people, places or service providers a lot of people resort to the information available on the internet. This is great and all but there’s actually no way of vetting their commitment skills from an ad or a website profile. Unless this breeder is affiliated with recognized Kennel Clubs, there’s no way you can tell they’re legit. Hence, finding a reputable breeder, word of mouth or personal experience is usually the best buy. 

So you’ve found a breeder

Whether the internet or someone’s personal experience found you a breeder, you still cannot let your guard down without being inquisitive. There are certain questions that need to be asked to clarify your doubts and solidify their claims, just to ensure they have the animal’s best interest at heart. These questions include: 

  1. How long they’ve been breeding for
  2. How old is the litter’s mother
  3. How many litters they recover every year
  4. How many types of breed they have
  5. Where the puppies and their parents live
  6. What’s the possibility of speaking to someone who got puppies from them
  7. Copies of health clearances of the puppies and their parents.

Any professional breeder with experience or expertise would be thrilled to answer all your questions and clarify your doubts with proof. Also, professional breeders will require you to sign a neuter contract which will prevent you from subsequently breeding more puppies from the one you’re about to receive. 

Now, reputable breeders keep a clean space for the health of their stock. In essence, the animals are clean, their toys and beds are also clean with a neutral smell. They are also transparent about any reservations a particular breed may have as per noisiness or genetic predispositions and they go further to ask you questions related to the puppy’s welfare to ensure they’re entrusting them into great hands. 

With so many frauds out there, finding a reputable breeder may actually take a while. However, PremierPups has healthy and adorable puppies from reputable and professional puppy breeders who want nothing but the best for their puppies. These breeders are very responsible and they provide a healthy and nurturing environment for these pups. 

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