How To Socialize Your New Puppy The Right Way

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 Socialization in newborn puppies is very important as it helps in molding them into sensitive, smart and amazing dogs. How you socialize your puppies will be visible as they mature and hence, it’s important to do it the right way.

Your new puppy is out of the oven all vulnerable and inquisitive about everything they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. It is, therefore, your job as a dog parent to introduce him to the world so he can be well-grounded. That way you can really enjoy your new puppy as they learn, grow and mature. Before you begin the socialization process, here are a few things you should know. 

When to start 

Timing is very important because it affects how your new puppy will respond to what they’re being exposed to. If you start socializing your puppy too late it may be too late as they may have learned how to react to noises, people and environments solely on their own and it’s usually hard to make them unlearn it. Hence, start early, precisely in the first three months of their lives. An early start constitutes a permanent change and this is where the saying of ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks’ comes from. During this early stage, the owner should gradually introduce different things and environments to the new puppy and monitor its reaction every step of the way, that way he/she knows if progress is being made or not.  

Why it’s important 

Imagine having a dog that barks at street lights, or one that thinks your fridge is an alien, these aren’t dogs you’d want in your home and the reason they behave like so is that they weren’t well adjusted to their environments. Socialization is the only way to get your puppy acclimated to the sights, sounds, and views of the world. Proper socialization can help your dog interact with children or be hostile to strangers, whichever you prefer. It can also help them be on their best behavior especially when riding a car, hence socialization will help you mold your puppy into a well-mannered and delightful companion.  

The right way 

Before you adopt a new puppy, your breeder must have already started the socialization process by allowing him to explore his nearest surroundings in the first few days of his life. Once your puppy comes home with you, that’s where the real work begins. The world is new and strange to your puppy so think of every encounter as an opportunity for positive association. This being said, take your puppy to different places, let him walk on different floors, meet people of different ages, see different lights, and hear different sounds.  

When introducing this diversity to your puppy, make him register it as a pleasant experience by giving him treats so that he associates the exposure with pleasure. However, so as not to spook your new puppy, baby steps are necessary. If you want your puppy to develop a loving temperament around everyone he meets then start with a few family members. Let them play with him first before you gradually integrate strangers into the equation. Once your puppy has developed a bit of stamina take him to the pet store for vaccinations, then to a friend’s house for a puppy play date before you finally head to the park just so he can see and interact with other pets.  

It’s important to practice baby steps when socializing your puppy just to ensure they’re responding positively. Also, when getting a puppy, adopt and don’t buy as you can never guarantee their age or medical history. Start your dog parenting and socializing journey with a cute and healthy puppy from PremierPups. 


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