How Much Exercise Does Your New Puppy Need?

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Puppies are much smaller than the average full-grown dog, hence it’s only logical to think they would require less exercise than a mature dog. Regardless of this, it’s still important for one to exercise their puppy, but the question here is to what extent? It’s true that puppies need exercise for physical and mental stimulation. This reduces the risk of illnesses like arthritis and checkmates other joint-related ailments.

However simple activities like taking your puppy out for a walk can drastically eliminate his need for mouthlines or other behavioral issues. So how much should one really exercise his new puppy? This piece will establish a balance between excessive and just enough.

Start Small

With exercise in both dogs and humans, consistency is key. There has to be a trend, a pattern and a constant effort, else all your hard work diminishes by the day. Just like how you’d progress in lifting weights at the gym, your puppy’s exercise routines must progress as they age. Start small. New puppies are usually always excited to do pretty much anything that involves running and jumping but the goal is to keep the rigorous routines till your puppy advances in age. However, regular exercise is indeed great for them as it helps them build agility, stamina, and focus.

How much exercise?

To correctly decipher the precise amount of exercise your cute pup requires you’ll need to consider some key factors. This includes the core aspects of your puppy’s existence like his breed, age, and medical history. While others can journey to another state on foot if they have to, some dog breeds aren’t just built for the long haul.

It’s important to figure out which group your new puppybelongs to and design a workout plan that’ll be in his best interests. However, based on the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom Kennel Club, a new puppy would require about 5minutes of exercise at least twice a day per month of age. This means that for every month of their age, their duration of exercise should increase by 5minutes. This technique seems very beneficial to your puppy as you’d begin slowly and work your way up alongside their strengths. During these exercises, take note of your puppy’s temperament as they could display fatigue by pausing in their activity.

It’s safe to say that an adult dog may require an hour’s training per day and they don’t always have to be so rigorous. Just like humans can sleep better after a day at the gym, dogs are also likely to exhibit fewer behavioral issues like wailing, eating up your shoes or furniture or barking in the dead of the night if he/she has been exercised that day. Hence, your puppy will become calm and will sleep better. Puppies are so cute and they do transfer joy and happiness to their owners.

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