How Much Exercise Does Your New Puppy Need?

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Naturally, your puppies are activity-hungry most of the time and it is important they have an appropriate dose of it if you want to have an intelligent and smart canine at home. However, some breeds require more exercise than others and proper regulation of it will keep the mental health of your puppy stable and sound.

As a dog owner, your job includes taking your buddy on daily walks every day but care must be given not to overtire the pet. The exercise needs of your puppy vary by age/stages, as little pooches, they need less exercise so as not to weary their joints and invite arthritis. A minimum of five minutes of walking around the yard, the street or at the park daily is enough for your little buddy’s tender legs.  At three months, you are free to increase the dose. As your puppy grows and the joints enlarge, his fragile body gets a little sturdy, you can lengthen the time frame of the exercise to 15 minutes from once a day to twice daily. This is necessary as part of a healthy puppy lifestyle and you will notice how excited they are when they run or walk for that duration of time.

Take more time in four months. Are you not pleased to see how intelligent and smart your buddy is growing? At this stage, your puppy’s mental health will crave for more activity than before which means, it is safe to take more time, like up to 20 minutes or longer when walking or jogging with your puppy.

But why the exercises?

  • Apart from the natural desire for activities, regular exercises are important to your dog’s general fitness and mental health.
  • Daily exercises help to strengthen your puppy’s muscle and ensures they stay supple and functional. You wouldn’t like to see your pooch growing lame, would you? And you can always cut down on all possible weightiness in your dog.
  • For social benefit, daily walking and jogging with your day will give you both the much-desired lovable bonding. So, your former indifferent puppy will learn to trust and crave for your company every morning.

What you may need for the daily exercises;

  • Never leave the poo bag at home: You may never know when nature will beckon on your pooch so it is alright to take the poo bag with you for decent and appropriate disposal of the waste. Also, to keep the places convenient and clean for other dog owners and dogs.
  • Make sure your buddy has the collar over his/her neck: Having the countryside code and ensuring that your puppy wears it along with the identity tag stating your home address and your name presents you as a responsible and dutiful dog owner. So, remember to get the tag before taking your dog to the park or for a street walk, because if your dog ever strays or wander away from your sight, this information will be of help to restore it to you.
  • Take a pedometer with you: Wouldn’t you like to measure your pooches’ progress? Sure, you wouldn’t mind, in that case taking a record of the number of steps you both cover every day will be just perfect.

Adequate exercise is fun, exhausting and exciting, and an activity-hungry breed beside you makes it all enjoyable. More so, your buddy’s health hangs on enough exercises to have fit health and wellbeing.  However, you need to be careful with the recommended doses or duration and this article has made the job simple for you. So, take some cheers to an incredible pet relationship!

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