How Dogs Show Sensitivity

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Like humans, dogs can also be stressed due to activities like police work, competitions, and support for individuals. Dogs can also be sensitive to stress by mirroring stress from their humans especially when they are emotionally attached to their owners. Dogs’ sensitivity to stress can be seen in their eating habits, deduction in activity levels and also start having symptoms like hair loss, lack of emotional response, etc. like human stress, dog stress can be treated.  

  • Sensitivity to Touch 

Dogs are also quite sensitive to touch especially in areas where they wouldn’t want to be touched. Sometimes, trimming a dog’s nails too short can be very painful and this might make it bleed and next time when someone tries to lift its paw or even touch it, it might make the dog aggressive. It could be due to a lack of socializing or not being touched rightly. I remember a case where a dog hated being dragged by its tail and this action caused by the owner made the dog attempt to run away so many times. Firstly, the owner wasn’t aware of the dog’s feelings because some people don’t really know how to handle their pets and understand their feelings. The dog became very aggressive and always barks at its owner when he grabs its tail. The dog was taken to a vet. During one of the sessions, the vet noticed the dog hates being dragged by its tail; the owner got to know about this and changed the “dragging tail” attitude.  

  • Noise Sensitivity  

This means noise anxiety, phobia-related responses to sound. A dog’s hearing is more sensitive than that of an average human as well as hearing a wider range of sounds including low-frequency level and high-frequency level. Research shows that in the UK, more than 20% of dogs suffer from fear of loud noise, varying from mild to severe noises. When a dog hears a noise, its brain processes it instantly to determine if the noise is an appending danger or not. Dogs are very sensitive to noise from fireworks or gunshots. If left untreated, dogs might become hypersensitive, thus scared of lesser noise.  

  • Sensitivity to Danger 

Dogs are highly sensitive to their environment and can predict dangers. They can detect a person’s intention by sensing their body language and facial expressions. Unusually, when a dog shows dislike towards a person around you, it could mean that the person is a potential threat to you. We have heard of cases where dogs saved their owners from possible dangers like getting poisoned by a friend, escaping an armed robbery attack, etc. dogs are also good at detecting bombs, drugs, harmful objects.  

  • Emotional Sensitivity 

Dogs have the ability to communicate with humans and can be sensitive to our emotions. A dog can sense happiness and sadness by reading our facial expressions or even following our gestures. They possess special skills that determine our feelings. Research shows that dogs can differentiate a happy face from an angry face. They show signs like jumping, laughing, happy barks, etc, when you are happy. They also do this to steer up happiness when sad. They are also extreme cases when dogs cry due to the loss of a loved one.  

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