Here Are Things You Didn’t Know About the Havanese

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The Havanese is quite a peculiar dog breed that has tons of secrets layered under their stunning coats. This breed is as cute as can be and has those ocean eyes that are soul gripping, but there are certain facts about the Havanese dog breed that needs to be highlighted. As an animal lover, the decision to adopt a dog could be a hard one considering there are lots of unique and special breeds of dogs.

This is why you need details on each and every breed before finalizing your decision and this piece has the spotlight on the Havanese breed. Let’s get started. 

  • They live long 

One of the downsides about adopting a dog is the risk of bereavement. Nothing lasts forever, not even your beloved dog but some breeds go sooner than others and the Havanese isn’t one of those breeds. This breed is well known for being strong, resilient and able to bounce back from different types of ailments. This breed will definitely be around till your kids are born or even beyond that if you’re already engaged. They live a full 10-15 years. 

  • They’re a great choice for people with allergies 

Living with allergies has to be really difficult. Anything and everything could instigate a reaction. From how the wind blows to dust or even breathing the same air as someone. Hence, people who live with allergies usually have trouble living with dogs. However, the Havanese breed proves to be less irritating because instead of normal dog fur, this breed grows actual silky hair. Hence, people with allergies can live comfortably with the Havanese dog breed. 

  • They have Cuban roots 

Have you ever wondered where the Havanese breed is from? some would say the North Pole because of their fleece but while most breeds are indigenous to the US or UK, the Havanese dog breed has ties to Latin America. Matter of fact this dog breed is the only one that hails from Cuba. Its name ‘Havanese’ comes from ‘Havana’ which is a city in Cuba. They only ended up in the US after some Cubans fled during Castro’s revolution.  

  • They’ve had a fair share of the limelight 

Well, they may not be King Charles as in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel famous but the Havanese breed is so adorable and well behaved that almost every famous person wants one. From the likes of Barbara Walters, Ernest Hemmingway, Venus Williams, Queen Victoria, Joan Rivers, Charles Dickens and so many more, the Havanese dog breed has graced lots of fine events and upper-class status as well.  

This may only be a handful of unknown facts about the Havanese dog breed but all in all, it’s safe to say that they’re pretty special and deserve all the love and recognition they’re given.  

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