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A small but sturdy puppy, the Havashu is one the entire family will enjoy. A playful and smart dog that loves spending time around people and other pets.

We treat your pets like the valued family members they are.
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Training and Socialization

Havashu puppies will do best with reward based training. They are eager to please their family and tend to be social and outgoing. 

Appearance and Grooming

These pups have medium length, fluffy and wavy to curly hair and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Regular brushing is ideal. 

Havashu puppies are an adorable cross between a Havanese and a Shih Tzu. They are very affectionate and intelligent and enjoy interacting with their family. 

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It truly takes a special breeder to assist with nourishing and raising a Teddy Bear puppy properly. Like people, the most critical moments in a puppy’s life starts in the beginning. Providing a safe, natural, comfortable, and healthy environment for the nursing mother and her baby is essential. Only the nation’s best breeders can provide the best quality of life. Here at Premier Pups, we work hand-in-hand with our breeders. We spend consistent on-site time with our selected breeders and can undoubtedly say that our puppies come from a caring environment. The footage produced in our videos is 100% real. We directly take un-staged, unedited, and only authentic scenes at our breeder locations. We only align ourselves with breeders whose standards are much higher than the rest.