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If you have ever seen a Havashu, then you know the feeling of love at first sight. This beautiful and charming designer hybrid is a crossbreed between the Havanese and the Shih Tzu breeds. Like many designer breeds, the exact date of origin is often unknown, though they have been around for the last four to five decades, when many designer breeds started to become popular.

They are small in size, but have a sturdy gate making them stronger and less fragile than most dogs of their size. They are enthusiastic, curious and playful pups that demand attention and affection. They make excellent companions and are seekers of adventure and games. All of this combined makes for a healthy and active canine.

Designer dog breeds in general tend to be healthier than purebred dogs, and the Havashu is no exception to this rule. The Havashu is a relatively fit dog, just like that of their parent breeds and so are not prone to many health conditions. However, they can suffer from conditions found in canines such as chondrodysplasia and bladder stones, although these aren’t common.

They may also inherit less common conditions found in their parent breeds that may include patellar luxation, kidney problems, bladder problems, eye problems, umbilical hernia, liver problems, legg-perthes, heart problems, allergies, joint dysplasia, dental problems, reverse sneezing and deafness. The way to lessen the odds of having an ill pet is get your pup from a trusted breeder.

As with any pet, if they are not properly groomed or cared for, then they can also become prone to ear, eye and skin infections. If you cannot properly care for your pet then it is best to reconsider buying or adopting until you feel better suited.

Because the Havashu is a designer breed their lifespan is also longer than the average lifespan of most dog breeds. Their average life expectancy is between 13 to 17 years. Although, good genes aren’t the only thing that keeps these pups around for many years, it has so much to do with the love and care they are given by their family and companions of the years and the fact that their energy and sociable nature doesn’t wane much into their older years.

They require a moderate amount of exercise and activity each day to fit with their healthy lifestyle. Daily walks are necessary as well as active play and an area to romp around. A fenced in yard to fill their curiosity and a visit to the dog park to allow them to socialize are both excellent options for the Havashu. This breed is best suited for an active owner who can take them on adventures.

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