Got a New Puppy? Here’s Why You Should Never Miss a Vet Appointment

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Keeping a date with your vet. doctor Is a healthy pet practice for a lot of reasons as the last thing on your mind is an unhealthy canine for a buddy. And did you know that some health challenges are better managed when they are known earlier? This will help you with useful considerations when training your little pooch.

For new dog owners, a regular visit to the veterinary doctor will give you answers to those probing questions about your pet’s history, genealogy considerations and more important reasons like…

  • Getting Familiar with your Dog’s General Health

Like earlier mentioned, that some health issues are better handled when they are known on time. Whereas seeing your vet once, twice every year is the ideal healthy style but for new dog owners, finding out what your pet’s health needs are will help you greatly in coping and managing the situation carefully. Are there congenital worries like cleft palate or heart faults? You wouldn’t know this on your own and that is why an early visit to the vet is necessary so you can be a proper parent to your new family member.

  • For Vaccinations

Vaccinations are one of the effective ways of managing your little pal’s health and they must be regularly given when due too. Because they usually help against canine deficiencies like kennel cough, distemper, and other sicknesses. Deworming is also a healthy puppy practice and sometimes when you attempt to do it by yourself, you may not completely clear the parasites that is why a regular appointment at the vet is needed to enable the vet to create a proper deworming schedule for your dog. More so, when traveling overseas, your pet’s vaccination card will be needed and well-vaccinated pets are the ones that earn a quick clearance.

  • For Prevention Against Ticks, Fleas, and Worms

Knowing how easily these parasites are good in transmitting diseases to your pet, an early and frequent visit to your Vet. Doctor will help in a lot of ways. More importantly, is the fact that the larvae of these harmful parasites can survive for a year around your home and only your vet can offer you advice on how to prevent a disease transmission on your new pet. Apart from the possible parasitic contact on the pet, your pet may have arrived at your home with some infectious disease and an assessment by the vet will help you get your puppy proper treatment on time to prevent the infection from growing.

  • Breaking the Vet Phobia

Some pets dread a vet, visitation because they only meet the folks with the white coat when they are down with an injury. So, meeting a vet regularly will help your puppy love being placed on the examination table.

  • Management of Behavior

Sometimes you may find it impossible understanding and dealing with some traits and behavior your canine companion may put up with on some days. When this happens, an appointment with your vet will certainly hand you some solutions and tips on how to manage their impulsive behavior.

Having a pet puppy is one of the most beautiful gifts anyone can have and having a healthy puppy is a beautiful experience too. And that is greatly possible when you keep every appointment with your vet especially when your furry buddy is new in your home.

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