Got A New Puppy, Here’s Why You Should Never Miss A Vet Appointment

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Yes! you finally got a new puppy, congratulations! This puppy will likely be a beacon of joy in your household. However, being so little you can never know what may trigger their immune systems or the factors that may be fatal if introduced to their lifestyles. There are so many health-related uncertainties surrounding a new puppy which is why a vet appointment should be placed in high regard.

Here are some more reasons why you and your new puppy should never miss a vet appointment.

  • Because of its insurance

This isn’t a health insurance cover or anything of the sort. Rather, during any of your puppy’s vet appointments, the veterinarian could insert a microchip into your puppy. This chip will possess all your puppy’s information including his name and address which will be revealed once the chip is scanned. The microchip acts as an insurance blanket because it enables your puppy to be easily retrieved if they ever go missing.

  • Their health depends on it

Just like you go to the hospital for routine checkups and examinations, your puppy should also have the opportunity to go through that at the veterinary hospital. This is because puppies are so small and their immune systems aren’t as strong as that of a full-size dog. Puppies are medically vulnerable and prone to some ailments which with early detection, the disease fatality could be minimal. In essence, the longer you wait before taking your puppy to the vet, the more risk you could be exposing him to.

  • For follow-ups

Assuming your puppy has recently been treated of something, a physical examination would be necessary during the follow-up sessions. As a dog owner, there’s no way of telling if the ailment has been properly treated, hence it is these follow-up veterinary appointments that help you know the medical stance of your puppy. It also informs you of the actions to take to fast track your puppy’s road to recovery and the importance of these appointments cannot be overstressed.

  • Vaccinations

Because of their susceptibility to diseases, especially after the antibodies present in their mother’s milk begin to wear off, core vaccinations are necessary to protect your puppy. This usually happens at the puppy’s first visit to the vet but some vaccines could be postponed to a later session. Your puppy will be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, canine hepatitis, and canine parvovirus. There are also other types of vaccines that your puppy would need depending on your area of residence.

Your new puppy depends on you for so many things, one of which is good health. However, it’s understandable that you may not have the time to make every vet appointment but rather than missing out totally, you can reschedule. That way you’re prioritizing your puppy’s health which will affect his lifespan.

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