For the Love of Cockapoo

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A cross breed of the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel the Cockapoo is an exceptionally intelligent designer class of hybrid. Like its poodle ancestors, the Cockapoo is known for its friendly disposition and jovial personality. And with the lineage of the cocker spaniel you can believe that they are naturally inquisitive and loveable making them the perfect family breed.

Because the cockapoo is not yet classified as its own breed we must recognize them as a type of pet. The combined traits that any Cockapoo inherits from their parents can be variable in more ways than one. A primary example is the coat–  not all Cockapoos have a low shedding coat like the poodle nor do they all have a smoother, longer and heavier shedding coat like that of the cocker spaniel.

So what can you expect upon the newest arrival of your family?

Play, play and more play!

The cockapoo breed is very active and may easily find their way into mischief solely out of boredom, yet they are also easily entertained! So be certain to give your newest family member lots of exercise and play.


It is recommended that these pups be socialized as they have a tendency to fear things later in life that they may not have experienced in their early years (just like a kid)! Introduce them to other animals and other people, not only will this make for a well-rounded pup, but an exceptionally obedient pet.

My heart is your heart!

The cockapoo is an extremely sweet and sensitive animal that will react to your moods. Treat them well and you will be the recipient of endless love!


Positive reinforcement is the use of a reward system for encouraging a wanted behavior to be repeated. As an example, if you want to teach your pup to sit, you reward him when he sits. By doing this, he’ll quickly associate the behavior with a reward. It is important to keep in mind while training the cockapoo that we must ignore the behaviors we don’t want, and we reward the behaviors we do want. Rewards can include food, treats, petting, or playing with a favorite toy.




What about housebreaking?

Be consistent! Make sure to take your newest addition out for potty breaks every two to three hours.  Cockapoos LOVE to know when they’ve done something good and they welcome praise with a good deal of tail wagging, so make sure you give lots of praise when they go where you want them to.

Do not feed your pup late at night! Keep in mind that during the initial training period you can expect to wake yourself up at least once a night while potty training, to make sure your pup makes it through the night without an accident.

Dogs that have good training tend to feel more comfortable with their place in the household. Be sure that everyone in the family knows the training plan and follows it.

Regardless of whether you live alone or have a family with other pets, the Cockapoo will fit right in with a little training. If you’re ready to have a little more love and overall joy in your life, then a Cockapoo is the right choice for you! Visit us now at




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