Factors To Consider Before Getting A Puppy

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Puppies are such loveable creatures and excellent companions that they add such flavor to lives. Getting a puppy is most people’s lifelong dreams but as much as we’re all here for the spontaneity, this decision shouldn’t be one that’s taken on a whim. Puppies are a good amount of work and responsibility and there are lots of factors to consider before adopting one. On a side note, when deciding to get a puppy, always adopt from a shelter or a company rather than buy off the streets. Hence with that said, here’s what you should know before getting a puppy.

You could be allergic

It’s such a bummer to adopt a puppy and end up being allergic to them. Puppies and dogs, in general, have allergy-triggering substances found in their coat or saliva. Hence, living and breathing the same air with one may not be best for your health. With that said, before you take the life-changing step of adopting a puppy, do spend some time around them just to see if you’re allergic or not. 

The breed type

Just like rainbows come in different colors, puppies come in different breeds. Each breed is as adorable and as unique as the next so it may be a hard choice to figure out the one that’s best for you. If you’re a first-time dog owner, there are some breeds that’ll be more suited for you. If you’re allergic, then there are some breeds that are hypoallergenic and won’t trigger any allergic reaction. If you work late, some breeds experience less separation anxiety than others and the list goes on. Hence, figure out what works best for you and go for it.

Living arrangement

Now, you’re adopting a puppy so things are about to change. One of which and most importantly is your living arrangement. Depending on the breed you get, (because some are better suited for apartment living than others) you’ll need to decide if a dog house will be most appropriate for your puppy or maybe just a space within your home. Whatever you decide, your puppy’s comfort should be prioritized.


Puppies are much younger, much more vulnerable than other adult dogs hence they have lots of needs at this early stage than when they mature. These early stages are very critical as they mold the puppy into the type of dog you want. Hence, new puppies have health care needs, socialization needs, exercise needs, training needs, and feeding needs. This takes up valuable time, a lot of effort and some of your income. Hence, it is a very important factor to consider before getting your puppy because getting a puppy is designed to be a lifelong journey, otherwise, the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend would be hanging on a thread. 

A puppy is a great addition to a family, however, before you jump the gun to get one, do ponder over these factors just so you make the best choice. To adopt a healthy puppy, do head over to PremierPups to see a fine diversity of adorable puppies seeking new homes. 

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